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League of Women Voters now supports amnesty for illegal aliens ("comprehensive immigration reform") - 04/02/08

The League of Women Voters is presented by itself and the MSM as a "non-partisan" group, but, oddly enough, their positions all fall on the left side of things (background here). Their latest "liberal" position is to support amnesty for illegal aliens. Per their national president Mary Wilson (link): "After a lengthy and comprehensive study of this complex issue by our grassroots members...

Eric Hananoki/Media Matters tries pretending that McCain differs from Hillary and Obama on immigration - 03/26/08

... All three are supporters of "comprehensive immigration reform", even if what exactly that means changes depending on the tactics they deem necessary to push it through. 3/31 UPDATE: Doubling down, "M.A." (full name unknown) offers '[Lou] Dobbs claimed there "isn't much difference" among the three candidates, except on Iraq' (mediamatters.org/items/200803310008). Note the lawyerly attempt to...

Henry Fernandez lies about Jim Oberweis to support illegal immigration (libel?) - 03/10/08

... targeted by grassroots supporters of comprehensive immigration reform. They found he had the same problem as erstwhile Presidential candidate Mitt Romney - he employed undocumented immigrants while bashing them on the campaign trail. The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) and the Chicago Workers Collaborative uncovered Oberweis’ hypocrisy. According to Joshua Hoyt, head...

CBP Commissioner Ralph Basham blackmails Congress on securing border; "virtual fence", real fence this year? - 03/06/08

From this: The United States may be unable to meet its timetable for essentially stopping illegal immigration across its border with Mexico by 2011, a Bush administration official told Congress on Thursday. Ralph Basham, commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said the government was working to meet the target set in November 2005 of having "operational control" of U.S.

Possible Democratic Party immigration "reform" charade: "offer legalization" to become "require" - 02/29/08

... government) and the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (member groups also have indirect links to the Mexican government) [1]. I haven't seen the study, but while some might be fooled, it's clear that it's just a new attempt to get the same old amnesty. And, their recommendations boil down to simply a rhetorical change, from "offering" a "path to citizenship" to "requiring" illegal...

Barack Obama promises "security and prosperity in North America" (work with Mexico, immigration "reform") - 02/20/08

... show." Then, he (surprise!) promotes "comprehensive immigration reform", i.e., amnesty as well as anti-drug trafficking measures. And: It's also time to develop a bilateral strategy for lifting up our border communities. Six and a half million Americans live in cities and towns next to the border, and 61 million Americans live in the four states that border Mexico. Too often we neglect the...

House trying to pass amnesty "lite"? (Nancy Pelosi, Joe Baca, Zoe Lofgren) - 02/14/08

... Representatives that may bring comprehensive immigration reform "lite" to the floor. Congressional Quarterly reports that Congressman Joe Baca (D-CA), Chairman of the Hispanic Caucus, is leading the fight for legislation that would provide a five-year amnesty visa to illegal aliens currently in the U.S.

Burdened DHS: 10s of thousands get green cards before background checks - 02/11/08

From this: In a major policy shift aimed at reducing a ballooning immigration backlog, the Homeland Security Department is preparing to grant permanent residency to tens of thousands of applicants before the FBI completes a required background check. Those eligible are immigrants whose fingerprints have cleared the FBI database of criminal convictions and arrests, but whose names have not yet...

Barack Obama proud of marching for illegal immigration at Mexican government-linked events (Ted Kennedy) - 02/03/08

... there "every step of the way" on "comprehensive immigration reform". And, Gil Cedillo - perenniel pusher of driver's licenses for illegal aliens - is standing right next to him. UPDATE: In comments, "e" asks, "So?" OK. Regarding the first paragraph, there's a strong possibility that the Mexican government used proxies to agitate their citizens who are in our country illegally to take to our...

Mark Pera: help from Mexico-linked ICIRR, money from immigration lawyers (Illinois) - 01/30/08

... neighborhood meetings called to discuss comprehensive immigration reform... the Mexicans for Political Progress yesterday announced their support for Lipinski's chief opponent, democrat Mark Pera. Members of the group --among them Juan Salgado, president of the ICIRR board; Fabian Morales, advisor of the Institute for Mexicans in the Exterior (IME); and Salvador Cervantes organizer of...

John McCain would sign his own amnesty bill as president; tries co-opting attrition - 01/28/08

Yesterday, Tim Russert asked John McCain: "If the Senate passed your bill, S.1433, the McCain/Kennedy immigration bill, would you as president sign it? McCain replied: "Yeah. But look, the lesson is, it isn't - one, it isn't going to come. It isn't going to come." Video here. In other news, McCain is now trying to pretend to embrace the attrition concept, whereby we'd enforce our laws and...

CNN Democratic debate January 21, 2008: one weak immigration question - 01/21/08

Tonight's CNN "debate" (link) was as worthless as all the others have been, featuring just one very basic, very weak question about immigration matters. Joe Johns - CNN "reporter" who left whatever little journalistic integrity he had back in Jena, LA - asked: Senator Obama, we all know what universal health care is, as Senator Clinton just said, sort of the idea that everybody deserves health...

One Bill Gil Cedillo brings back illegal aliens driver's licenses (January 2008 edition) - 01/12/08

From this: Saying Friday's release of final regulations in the U.S. REAL ID Act clears the way, a Los Angeles Democrat said he will move ahead with a bill that would let illegal immigrants obtain driver's licenses. State Sen. Gil Cedillo has previously proposed such legislation, but it has been vetoed repeatedly by Republican Gov.

Vile: Washington Post turns on Mike Huckabee to support illegal immigration - 12/13/07

The Washington Post offers a vile, spittle-flecked editorial called "The Immigration Swamp/As the presidential campaign intensifies, so does the nativist ferocity." They turn on Mike Huckabee for changing from a strong supporter of illegal immigration into someone who (supposedly) wants illegal aliens to return home within 120 days: The idea that

NPR Democratic debate: weak questions on immigration, logical fallacies - 12/04/07

NPR held a Democratic debate earlier today, and it currently looks like they asked a few incredibly weak questions on immigration that simply allowed the candidates to give their stock speeches. Not only that, but the questions appear to have been designed to make the candidates look slightly reasonable by comparison.

Black and Brown debate features childish race card tricks (Richardson as Hillary's VP?) - 12/02/07

... responded again with a call to pass "comprehensive immigration reform". She could save herself from saying the same thing over and over by just holding up a sign.

David Broder wants McCain-Huckabee ticket (because of immigration; retransmits Huck lie?) - 12/02/07

David Broder offers the completely clueless "Republicans would be wise to tab McCain and Huckabee" (link). He wants that ticket explicitly due to their immigration stances. And, Broder not only fails to do his job but he may be spreading Huckabee misinformation and he's being misleading about a program Huckabee supported: What sets McCain and Huckabee apart is most evident in the way they treat...

Immigration "parliament" held in Mexico, with Americans; may lobby in Washington DC - 11/30/07

... Democrats to jointly support "comprehensive immigration reform" (Nancy Pelosi was scheduled but had "scheduling difficulties"). Elvira Arellano spoke and appeared to - surprise - cheat. In this case it was on her hunger strike. While they made a lot of proposals, according to that the one most likely to stick is a "Permanent Parliament" which might meet next year in Washington DC. And, from this...

Lawyer Julie Pace sues Arizona over e-Verify, suggests filing late to crash system - 11/27/07

... the fears some had that, under "comprehensive immigration reform", groups would encourage applicants to apply on a specific day of the week or the month in order to swamp the system and push through every application. And, her scheme is only slightly less repugnant than that of the H1-B lawyers featured on this infamous clip.

NYT almost follows the money on Western Union (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Ken Salazar) - 11/24/07

... sponsored public forums to promote ["comprehensive immigration reform"] and donated $100,000 to a group unsuccessfully fighting Proposition 200 in Arizona, which requires proof of citizenship from people seeking to vote or collect certain public benefits. As the debate moved to Washington, Western Union gave money to many groups supporting legalization plans. The United States Chamber of...

Barack Obama supports driver's licenses for illegal aliens, misleads about incentives - 11/15/07

... I am going to be fighting for comprehensive immigration reform"; the "but" part generated peals of laughter from the audience). In addition to his chances being

Eliot Spitzer drops driver's licenses for illegal aliens (Hillary updates position) - 11/13/07

Presumably not wanting to join Hillary's List, New York governor Eliot Spitzer will announce tomorrow that he's shelving his unpopular plan to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens (link): The governor's office signaled to New York lawma

Hillary Clinton opposes mass deportations, promotes illegal immigration (AP malfeasance) - 11/07/07

I've been unable to find out which Associated Press "reporter" wrote this: Sen.

Dianne Feinstein drops AgJobs amnesty, doesn't have the votes - 11/06/07

... the defeat of the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform, it became clear that our support could not sustain these competing forces... [because of this] we will continue to see labor shortages far into the future. Fruit will rot. Crops will go unharvested.

Hillary Clinton now supports driver's licenses for illegal aliens - 10/31/07

Adam Nagourney of the New York Times offers this: Hillary Rodham Clinton offered support today for Gov.

Hillary Clinton: soft on driver's licenses for illegal aliens (Obama supports it) - 10/30/07

I'll replace the following with a transcript when it's available, but from tonight's Democratic debate: [Hillary Clinton says:] [Eliot Spitzer] is trying to make up for the failure of the Bush Administration to address illegal immigration. He's filling a vaccuum...

From the Back of the Pack to David Brooks' Heart (promotes Mike Huckabee) - 10/19/07

... their attempt to push through "comprehensive immigration reform".

Michael Chertoff/DHS "fisks" NYT/WaPo pro-illegal immigration editorials - 10/07/07

From our "what universe is this again?" file comes this entry (dhs.gov/journal/leadership/2007/10/its-law.html) from the Department of Homeland Security "Leadership Journal", aka DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff's blog: Two editorials in today's Washington Post and New York Times offer a good illustration of the kind of obstacles our Department faces in dealing with the problem of illegal...

Curt Thompson: Urges Calm and Practicality - 10/03/07

... sides as the latest proposal for comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level wrecked like a train driven by Wile E Coyote in an old Road Runner cartoon . For many in Georgia it is leading to a lot of questions as it comes when the now infamous SB 529 and SB 38 go into effect this week. The main questions facing the communities in my district seem to be "what impact will these two state...

Obama immigration interview: he'd make situation far worse (Kevin Johnson/UC Davis) - 09/25/07

... [copy and paste begins] We need comprehensive immigration reform that creates a system that is fair, consistent, compassionate, and emphasizes both maintaining the rule of law and the security of our borders while working to keep families together. I will not stop pushing Congress to pass comprehensive reform this year. Part of this issue involves family reunification, an issue which I have...

New York Times editorial: pass anti-American DREAM Act - 09/24/07

From the 9/20 New York Times editorial called "Pass the Dream Act" (link): ...The idea is modest and smart, but modest and smart usually don’t get very far these days. The anti-immigrant forces that buried the Senate’s comprehensive reforms under a wave of faxes and phone calls are at it again over the revival of this small part of that much bigger bill. They are convinced that giving a break to...

Amnesty comes back on Monday, and what you can do about it - 09/16/07

From this: President Bush's comprehensive immigration reform, defeated in June, will make a second appearance this week when the Senate takes up various pro-amnesty amendments submitted to the Department of Defense funding bill, H.R.

Pandering prescribed: Bush admin hack learns Univision, Spanish media biased against GOP - 09/13/07

Leslie Sanchez ("director of the White House Initiative on Hispanic Education from 2001-2003") reads Univision's site and finds out that they're biased against the GOP, despite all the pandering that the Republicans have done. While she doesn't indicate anything beyond outreaching to the Spanish media, one can assume that she wants the GOP to try to out-pander the Democrats by stressing social...

Democratic Spanish-language Univision debate September 9 transcript - 09/09/07

The transcript contains some real valuable nuggets. Here's John Edwards: Just a few months ago, I was in Canton, Mississippi, as part of a poverty tour, and I met with poultry workers who worked in a poultry plant in Canton, Mississippi. And one of them was a man named Daniel who had been badly hurt on the job. And because of his injuries, he wasn't able to work.

Democratic debate September 9 (Quebec) - 09/09/07

[UPDATE: Nuggets from the transcript.] The Democratic candidates for president are currently pandering debating on Quebec TV Univision. The first immigration question I've seen was a question from crack "reporter" Maria Elana Salinas. She wanted to know whether the candidates support a "wall" (muro) on the border with Mexico, but not with Canada. The answer, of course, is obvious.

Felipe Calderon protests "persecution and abusive treatment of undocumented Mexican workers" - 09/02/07

Reuters offers the falsely-titled "Mexico's Calderon protests U.S. crackdown on immigrants". While to a certain extent his protest may just be for domestic consumption (per Reuters it was followed by "raucous applause"), based on past statements from other Mexican leaders it amply illustrates how they think: "I want to express again an energetic protest at the unilateral measures taken by the U....

Texas governor Rick Perry opposes border fence, in Mexico - 08/28/07

Texas governor Rick Perry - supporter of the Trans-Texas Corridor - said lots of things on a trip to Mexico today: ..."I don't think [immigration "reform"] is that difficult of an issue if Congress would have the maturity to sit down and really discuss it and cut out all of the mean rhetoric and really talk about what is a solution to this issue," Perry told a news conference. Regarding...

Immigration "reform" will be perceived as amnesty - 08/25/07

... politicians play is to claim that "comprehensive immigration reform" is not amnesty.

NYT editorial: supports illegal activity; acknowledges attrition; "pest control" - 08/09/07

As soon as I hear the words "New York Times editorial" I, like no doubt most others, think "wrong". The latest is on display in "The Misery Strategy". Notably, the NYT has finally acknowledged attrition - enforcing our laws in order to encourage illegal aliens to go home - as a strategy. This contrasts with their prior attempts to present a false choice between mass deportations and a massive...