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Carlos Gutierrez, Larry Craig get plaques from American Nursery and Landscape Association - 07/30/07

From this:
Attendees at the 2007 (American Nursery and Landscape Association) Legislative Conference visited approximately 250 House and Senate offices representing 40 states. Attendees visited Capitol Hill to lobby Congress for a solution to the labor and immigration crisis and to support specialty crop provisions in the 2007 Farm Bill reauthorization. Research funding and water policy were also addressed.

United States Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez [shown right receiving a plaque "in thanks for his work to secure comprehensive immigration reform"] [1] and Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) [also got his own plaque] both addressed the attendees, encouraging them to maintain their efforts to achieve a necessary solution for securing a viable workforce for our country's agricultural and seasonal industries...

...Confirming the importance of continued lobbying, the very evening the conference concluded Senators Larry Craig and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) engaged in a 40-minute debate on the Senate floor in an attempt to introduce AgJOBS provisions, agricultural worker immigration reform, in response to anti-immigrant language introduced into the Farm Bill...

...The partners include ANLA, OFA (An Association of Floriculture Professionals), the Irrigation Association (IA), the Perennial Plant Association (PPA), ANLA’s Lighthouse Partner state associations, the Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), The National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA), and the National Association of Plant Patent Owners (NAPPO)...
Instead of sending bricks or toilet brushes, perhaps we should send plaques with sarcastic messages. [1] 12/16/10 UPDATE: The image in this post appears to have been deleted. It was at:

Photo Feature: Immigration Reform, many pray, a few protest - 07/11/07

Atlanta Latino/Mario Guevara and Edwin Mesa/[[June 21, 2007]]link:

Holding lit candles in their hands more than 10,000 people of different races and nationalities -wearing white T-shirts and united under one cause- stood on Monday afternoon praying in the "Vigil for Comprehensive Immigration Reform."

Curt Thompson Teodoro Maus press conference article - 07/11/07


Li­deres afro americanos y latinos repudian comentarios de Perdue

(Monday, 18 September 2006) -

Progressives: urge Clinton, Obama, Richardson, Edwards to support Elvira Arellano's "campaign of resistance" - 07/02/07

Dear fellow progressives:

Elvira Arellano - the undocumented person from Mexico currently seeking sanctuary in The Right Rev. Walter "Slim" Coleman's church in Chicago to avoid being deported and separated from her U.S.-born son - has issued a call to a "campaign of resistance". I urge all fellow progressives to not only heed the call, but to encourage the Democratic candidates to join with her in her struggle. Please go to campaign appearances by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, and John Edwards and urge them to at least support Arellano, and perhaps even her "campaign of resistance" if we're lucky.

You can read her declaration here:
Hours after the Senate voted against advancing the immigration reform project, the Mexican activist Elvira Arellano announced a campaign of resistance against the U.S. government.

In a written statement, the leader of the movement Familia Unida (United Family) said that "if the Democrats and the Republicans cannot summon the courage to fix the broken law we will not sit quietly and see our families and our children cut to pieces on the broken pieces of that broken law."

She demanded an immediate moratorium on all raids and deportations.

Arellano... said [presumably August 15] would be the deadline the government will have to "revive and pass a comprehensive immigration reform."

Otherwise, pro-immigrant organizers will begin a campaign "aimed at bringing this government and this economy to a halt."

Representatives from the Centro Sin Fronteras and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights [press release link] also announced this morning they were prepared to take "economic actions" against corporations that support anti immigrant legislators and programming.

Also, a massive concentration of families and children is scheduled for July 17 in Washington D.C. to "confront the leaders of both parties and the President."
The above is an English translation of the Spanish version of an article at the site of the La Raza Newspaper ( The article is marked as coming from EFE and what's left off from the above version is a call for a "hate moratorium" and for Lou Dobbs' show to be canceled.

Unfortunately, is still "Bajo Construcction", so we have to turn to this Centro Sin Fronteras page to read more about the movimiento.

At that page - authored by Emma Lozano of Centro/Puebla Sin Fronteras and Elvira Arellano - they discuss how their struggle will continue even after an amnesty passes, they demand full legalization for almost all undocumented persons (quite a concession, since there are apparently some who would be rejected), complain about "small white led leftist organizations" interfering in the people's struggle, discuss the "the militancy of resistance", and say:
We have asserted that our demand to be here and to be fully enfranchised here is a right not a privilige and a destiny of our people to transform this nation.
Note to fellow progressives: we did Manifest Destiny, so what they want to do is OK.

They also sound a bit like Dick Morris, the New York Times, and the Democratic/GOP leadership:
Our message of attack is simple: the republicans are anti-family and their proposed system of labor is racist. Our lever of power is simple: Latinos will not vote for republicans. – or democrats that do not vote with us. We will vote against all republicans and will run independent candidates against democrats who oppose us.

UPDATE: I earlier misidentified Walter "Slim" Coleman as 'Walter "Slim" Whitman'. I apologize to the country singer with whose name I got his mixed-up.

Howard Dean supports failed Senate bill, blames Bush - 06/28/07

Trotting out his stock lines, Howard Dean says:
"Today's immigration vote is a reminder of why the American people voted Republicans out in 2006 and why they'll vote against them in 2008. After using the immigration issue to inflame people with divisive rhetoric, the Republican Party, led by President Bush, had neither the capital nor the political will to work with Democrats on a reasonable compromise that would have delivered on the promise of immigration reform.

America empty boxed: Kennedy immigration press conference - 06/18/07

An old scam is to sell someone something and then to send them a box full of bricks or even an empty box. Along those lines, Ron Brynaert of RawStory finally has a story with which I don't disagree:
Lawmakers were pointing to "empty boxes" at a press conference last Thursday, a Capitol Hill newspaper reports.

"At a pro-immigration rally Thursday, a group of politicians including Sens.

Latino, Irish Catholics in illegal immigration march (Archdiocese of San Francisco, Irish government) - 06/10/07

It's not just the Mexican government that meddles in our internal politics in order to support illegal immigration. The Irish government partly funds a group called the "Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform" [1], and yesterday some of their affiliates organized a march in San Francisco featuring 300 Latino and Irish Catholics demanding immigration "reform" (the falsely-titled "Irish, Latino Catholics march for immigrant rights" by Jill Tucker, link).

The sponsors of the event: the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Catholic Charities CYO, the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights, the Irish Immigration Pastoral Center and the San Francisco Organizing Project. After the march a mass was held by Archbishop George Niederauer, and Rev. Brandon McBride spoke at the march.

The IIPC is linked to the ILIR; from

As many of you will know, we have also in 2006 become involved in the national campaign for comprehensive immigration reform for our undocumented Irish and indeed all undocumented immigrants to the US. Through our involvement with the US Catholic Conference of Bishops' Justice for Immigrants campaign and the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform, we have been in a position to keep our community updated and educated on the progression of the legislation through government.

And, from a news release at the site of California Assemblywoman Fiona Ma:

Fr. Brendan McBride from the Irish Immigration Pastoral Center (IIPC) introduced State Assembly Member Fiona Ma, who cancelled a prior engagement in Sacramento to attend the ILIR event. After donning a "Legalize the Irish" shirt, Ma thanked everyone for their attendance and pledged her commitment to immigration reform.

She's proud of being a useful idiot for a group linked to a foreign government?

[1] The ILIR is run by Niall O'Dowd, publisher of the Irish Voice newspaper. They've enjoyed access to politicians that other groups only dream of; at their site there's a picture of them with John McCain (, and they've also met with Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton. And, here's a picture of Frisco mayor Gavin Newsom wearing one of their "Legalize the Irish" t-shirts. That link includes audio (cached) of ILIR vice chair Ciaran Staunton joking about working under a fake SSN:

Someone told you, you wouldn't get a job without a Social Security number. You made one up. You got your job.

Maybe we should take that recording to campaign appearances by Clinton or McCain and see whether they appreciate the joke by the group they've supported in the past.

Shailagh Murray/Jonathan Weisman/WaPo insert infomercial into immigration coverage - 06/09/07

Shailagh Murray and Jonathan Weisman of the Washington Post offer "Talk of Resurrecting Immigration Bill Begins as Autopsy Goes On" (washingtonpost . com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/06/08/AR2007060802771.html). I see that Mickey Kaus has also pointed to this paragraph:

Senate illegal immigration amnesty: cloture or defeat. And: what you can do. - 06/06/07

[6/7 8pm UPDATE: The bill has ceased to exist... for now. The final try at cloture failed, but the bill might come back later in the year. Please read the original entry below if you'd like to help prevent future tries at amnesty..

Letter: last 100 conservatives who support Senate amnesty bill must band together! - 06/05/07

A group of about 30 conservatives have sent an open letter to the rest demanding that they band together and support the Bush/Kennedy/Kyl massive illegal alien amnesty bill. The letter itself is full of half-truths, such as their claim that "it will make sure that the law is enforced first, before any other provisions of the legislation take effect".

Ezra Klein, useful idiot - 05/31/07

ezra kleinPictured right is a blogad currently running on the site ( of Ezra Klein of TAPPED (The American Prospect).

Is immigration reform an elaborate practical joke? (Chertoff USA Today interview) - 05/29/07

USA Today continues their obvious attempt to help the Bush administration push amnesty with a transcript (link) of part of the meeting USA Today's editorial board held with DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. After reading it, I know three things: a) there were no doubt tougher, less Soviet interviews in Izvestia, b) neither Chertoff nor Gutierrez are inhabiting the same universe as the rest of us (possible name of their universe: rubegoldbergia), and c) their scheme would be a bigger debacle than Iraq and Katrina multiplied together.

First, it's worth noting that USA Today leads off the posting with: "Cabinet secretaries tackle myths of the immigration debate..." Obviously, the non-disclaimed word "myths" is editorializing and gives a strong clue to USA Today's stance on the issue. Let's take a look at this:
Q: So let's be sure we understand this. If this compromise becomes law, 12 million illegal immigrants could instantly enroll in the system and receive probationary legal status. Once a series of enforcement "triggers" are met — such as improved border security and a set system to verify the status of illegal workers — they could apply for a Z visa. That visa would allow them to remain and work in the country and, if they choose, put them on a path to citizenship. You'd be adding this to a system that was strained and challenged even before this legislation. Is this possible?

Chertoff: By simplifying the system and by not having a very complicated process for getting the Z visa, you're eliminating a lot of the problems under the current system, which was built as a patchwork. (Illegal immigrants who were in the country by Jan. 1, 2007, are eligible for the Z visa.)
Of course, what he fails to stress is that after simplifying the current system, they are going to have millions and millions of new applicants. Why not just simplify the current system, without the massive rush of millions and millions of new applicants?

Q: How will you get the illegal immigrants to enroll, and what happens once they do?

Chertoff: We need to have locations all over the country, particularly in places with large numbers of illegal migrants. We hope to get local community leaders to help...[describes Z visa process...]
A model they could follow is the one the Mexican government uses with their mobile consulates. I'm kidding, but I wouldn't be surprised if they thought of that.

Needless to say, the "local community leaders" will almost all be far-left with some of them being radicals and/or having direct or indirect links to the Mexican government. I have little doubt that individual offices would be under tremendous pressure to get as many people on "probationary" status as quickly as possible, with the "leaders" supplying much of the pressure, and lawyers from the ACLU and other groups supplying more. I am extremely doubtful that intake personnel will be experienced or skilled, with many being taken in by liars, with many feeling sympathy with applicants, and with some being on the take. "Mad rush" doesn't begin to describe what the offices will look like, even if many illegal aliens decide to maintain their current status.

Chertoff goes on to claim that after a certain period there will be no more Z Visas issued; can anyone see that happening? If there are hundreds of thousands or millions of unadmitted illegal aliens after the first phase, what are they going to do but wave the magic wand again? Expect an extension to be issued just before the end of the first phase; see "Temporary" Protected Status for an example of how that would work.

Chertoff then goes on to assure illegal aliens who enter the program that if they play by the rules and don't have criminal records, they won't be deported. While he has to say something like that in order to increase the miniscule possibility that the scheme would work, its irony was no doubt lost on the USA Today board. Or, perhaps they had a nice chuckle.

Q. So once the Z visa system is in place, will every employer have access to a computer in order to verify an employee's legal status?

Gutierrez: Yes, and for those who may not have a computer, there will be post offices with computers and secretaries of state with computers.
What? The last time I was in a PO (admittedly several months ago), they were barely electrified. Does this bill include the computerization of the post offices?
Q: Would anyone who hires a day laborer — to do yard work, for instance — have to verify status?

Gutierrez: Yes.
Did he stifle a laugh as he said that? The worries about getting caught hiring an illegal alien day laborer would be the same post-"reform" as they are now: none. Newspapers have even promoted the practice.

Asked about the "justification for the guest-worker program":
Gutierrez: Our unemployment is 4.5%. It's below the average of each of the last four decades. This is a very tight labor market. We don't have enough truck drivers. We don't have enough nurses. We don't have enough people working in the fields. We don't have enough maids in hotels. I'm constantly hearing this. So there's no question we don't have enough workers.
I generally avoid economic arguments here, but my understanding is that many of those jobs are of the McJob variety, most of the recent jobs have gone to immigrants, and large numbers of Americans are structurally unemployed (and thus not reflected in the 4.5% figure). So, I don't think Gutierrez is being intellectually honest. And, of course, he says that he's bought the propaganda from cheap labor-seeking employers, and he wants everyone else to buy it as well.

Near the end, USA Today says this:
Q: Some people express concern that so many of today's immigrants speak the same language, and it's not English. Does that make this different from past waves of immigration?
There are huge differences between the current wave and past waves. USA Today can't mention them all, but they're falsely implying that that's the only or the major difference. Gutierrez goes on to inform them that two of his children were born in Mexico (apparently this was when he was a Kellogg executive and after he'd obtained U.S. citizenship) and that because "the television; the whole environment is in English" it's not a problem. Obviously, there are huge problems with that statement.

Chertoff and Gutierrez are just snake oil salesmen, with USA Today as their shill.

Janet Napolitano endorses Senate immigration bill; "silent amnesty" - 05/27/07

Note that she's using the same term as Michael Chertoff; who used it first isn't known:
Saying the only current alternative is allowing a status quo of "silent amnesty," Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano on Wednesday [5/23/07] tentatively endorsed a U.S.

Historic Nationwide Campaign Launched for Comprehensive Immigration Reform - 05/26/07

Press release from [[March 13, 2007]] at

$4 million effort targets 30 states to pass workable comprehensive immigration reform in 2007

Michael Chertoff: Mexicans aren't encouraging illegal "migration"; Senate bill is "straight with the American public" - 05/25/07

This CSPAN WMV file has DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff saying the following:
"If we're going to change the dynamic here we've gotta be completely honest with the American people about what's practical and what's impractical, about how long it's going to take, about how much it's going to cost and about what the collateral consequences are going to be and this bill was an effort to really be straight with the American public...

Dick Morris: "Republicans should back immigration compromise" - 05/23/07

In case you were wondering why I erupted into peals of laughter moments ago, your answer is here. Of course, then I wondered, "Is he still working for the Democrats, or Mexico?"

The Republican Party would be self-destructive (not for the first time, either) if they did not let the immigration compromise negotiated by Sens. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) and Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) pass and become law. The hopes of the entire Latino community are pinned to immigration reform and, if the GOP is seen as blocking it, the consequences for the indefinite future will be horrific. The Republican Party will lose Hispanics as surely as they lost blacks when Barry Goldwater ran in 1964 against the civil rights bill (even though a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats backed the bill in each house).

The "entire Latino community"? That's certainly a false statement. I doubt whether most Puerto Ricans, for instance, really care all that much about allowing Mexicans and Mexican-Americans to import their relatives here via endless chain migration. Of course, some may do so out of pan-Hispanic solidarity, but surely Republican - or at least conservative - principles say that should be discouraged and fought against, rather than encouraged. Wait, what was I thinking assuming that Dick Morris even knows what principles are?

If the Hispanics are not massively turned off by a Republican rejection of immigration reform, they will drift into an increasingly pro-Republican orientation just as Irish and Italian Catholics did before them. Already Protestant evangelicalism has converted a third of the American Latino population, a clear precursor of GOP political support.

Of course, those who realize the dangers inherent in the GOP becoming a vassal of religious fundamentalists might not approve of the tack Morris implies: delivering the bread and circuses via gay marriage, abortion, and other red meat social issues.

Dick Morris still wrong; Hispanics, unprincipled GOP, religious conservatives
House offers border security bill; Dick Morris, liberals
Base responds to Dick Morris' Base Desires
Dick Morris' idiotic thoughts on immigration
Dick Morris offers thoughts on Bush and immigration

NYT editorial: Senate bill bad; "Know-Nothings" hate illegal aliens - 05/20/07

The New York Times offers the editorial "The Immigration Deal". Summary: they're going even further around the bend.

They divide provisions of the bill into "good", "bad", and "awful", with the "guest" worker provisions in the latter camp. If the bad parts aren't removed, they say that no bill is better than the current one.


It is painful, for many reasons, to oppose this immigration deal.

LULAC, Raza radicals: Senate bill "unworkable", "this is our land!", "border crossed us" - 05/20/07

A couple days ago, Mickey Kaus suggested one (slate . com/id/2166199) way to scuttle the Senate's amnesty bill: get radicals to support an even worse version, and perhaps even utter "reconquista" style statements. It looks like he's got his wish. From this:

John Edwards is going to help stop amnesty - 05/18/07

Imagine what would happen if an amnesty supporter were forced to endure an hour-long, nationally-televised interview just about immigration matters where they were asked a series of tough questions about amnesty and forced to defend what they support.

As long as the questions were tough enough, and they were asked follow-up after follow-up, their lies and misleading statements would be revealed.

Corrupt crypto-Dem Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger endorses "comprehensive immigration reform" - 05/16/07

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has sent a letter to Sens. Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell urging them to pass "comprehensive immigration reform":,0517-schwarzenegger.pdf

It's the usual swill: the system is broken, we need a "guest" worker program, we need border security, we need to deal "realistically" with current illegal aliens, etc. The swill is of the southwest-governor-variant, demanding that the Feds pay for the costs associated with massive immigration, including the SCAAP program (refunds states for incarcerating illegal aliens).

1994: Rudy Giuliani explicitly welcomed illegal aliens to New York City - 05/15/07

The unremarkable and as-could-be-expected-biased "Top GOP Hopefuls Keep Distance on Immigration" by Michael Shear discusses how John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani are backing off from "comprehensive immigration reform", aka amnesty.

However, it does contain this:

[Frank Sharry, executive director of the National Immigration Forum] remembers watching in

100+ Hispanic groups send letter supporting illegal immigration, opposing raids - 05/08/07

The National Council of La Raza ("The Race") has led the charge to send a letter to president Bush (cc'ed to Michael Chertoff and Julie Myers) complaining about the recent workplace raids [1]. The list of "grassroots" organizations involved is in the extended entry, and some are "interesting": CASA of Maryland, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (one of whose founders marched alongside a former Mexican consul general in an illegal immigration march), the odious Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (their president is linked to the Mexican government), Instituto del Progreso Latino (their executive director is the president of the ICIRR), the
Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (indirectly linked to the Mexican government).

Obviously, a letter that's sent now could simply be repurposed and sent again a year or two after "comprehensive immigration reform" passes. There's no assurance that these groups wouldn't send a similar letter in order to weaken future, "reform"-mandated enforcement, and that's one of the ways that the current amnesty would become like past amnesties.

We, the undersigned Latino organizations, write to express our outrage and deep concern over the manner in which workplace raids have been conducted all across the United States in the past few months. As organizations that work closely with the communities that are directly impacted by these raids, we are often the first to respond to the immediate humanitarian crisis that occurs when a raid is conducted. Particularly, we are concerned about the raids' short- and long-term impact on children. There are approximately 3.1 million U.S. citizen children who have at least one undocumented parent, and there are 1.8 million undocumented children in the U.S. We believe that the U.S. must take the needs of these children into account and fix the broken immigration system that separates them from their parents.

The parents and those who encourage illegal immigration are at fault, not the system. Why aren't they taking the needs of the children into account?

...Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick correctly characterized the recent raids as a "humanitarian crisis." ...The time is long overdue for our nation to stop tearing apart these hardworking families and bring about real, comprehensive solutions to our immigration problems...

Patrick was shown not to be telling the whole truth in that case, and hopefully the same will happen here. Obviously, what they support - out of purely racial grounds - will make the situation far worse.


The signatories:

Academia Cesar Chavez - Saint Paul, MN
Acercamiento Hispano de Carolina del Sur - Columbia, SC
AltaMed Health Services Corporation - Los Angeles, CA
Bridge Academy Charter School - Bridgeport, CT
Calexico Community Action Council - Calexico, CA
CARECEN - Washington, DC
Carlos Rosario School - Washington, DC
CASA of Maryland - Silver Spring, MD
CASA of Oregon - Newberg, OR
Center for Hispanic Policy & Advocacy - Providence, RI
Center for Training & Careers/WorkNET - San Jose, CA
Centro Campesino Farmworker Center, Inc. - Florida City, FL
Centro de Amistad - Guadalupe, AZ
Centro de la Comunidad - Baltimore, MD
Centro de Residentes Bolivianos - Madison, WI
Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe - El Paso, TX
Centro Hispano of Dane County - Cambridge, MA
CentroNía - Washington, DC
Centro Presente, Inc. - Cambridge, MA
Cesar Chavez Academy - Pueblo, CO
Cesar Chavez Dual Language Immersion Charter School - Santa Barbara, CA
Chicano Awareness Center - Omaha, NE
Chicano Federation of San Diego County - San Diego, CA
Coalition for New South Carolinians - Columbia, SC
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition - Denver, CO
Colorado Rural Housing - Westminster, CO
Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc. - New York, NY
Community Child Care Center of Santa Clara County - San Jose, CA
Conexión Américas - Nashville, TN
Congreso de Latinos Unidos - Philadelphia, PA
Council for the Spanish Speaking - Milwaukee, WI
Del Norte Neighborhood Development Corp. - Denver, CO
Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation - Detroit, MI
Dolores Huerta Preparatory High School - Pueblo, CO
DRAW Academy - Houston, TX
East Las Vegas Community Development Corporation (ELVCDC) - Las Vegas, NV
El Centro de la Raza - Seattle, WA
El Centro de las Americas - Lincoln, NE
El Pueblo, Inc. - Raleigh, NC
Emigrantes Sin Fronteras - Phoenix, AZ
Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center - Miami, FL
Florida Immigrant Coalition - Tallahassee, FL
Gads Hill Center - Chicago, IL
Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO) - Atlanta, GA
Hands Across Cultures - Española, NM
HELP - New Mexico, Inc. - Albuquerque, NM
Hispanic American Student Association (HASA), University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond, OK
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN
Hispanic Coalition of Florida - Miami, FL
Hispanic Committee of Virginia - Falls Church, VA
Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama - Birmingham, AL
Hispanic Women’s Organization of Arkansas - Springdale, AR
HOLA - Hispanas Organizadas de Lake y Ashtabula (OH) - Painesville, OH
Hyde Square Task Force - Jamaica Plain, MA
Idaho Community Action Network - Boise, ID
Kentucky Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights - Lexington, KY
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights - Chicago, IL
Information Referral Resource Assistance Inc. - Edinburg, TX
Instituto del Progreso Latino - Chicago, IL
La Casa de Esperanza - Waukesha, WI
La Casa Health Network, Inc. - Little Rock, AR
Latin American Coalition - Charlotte, NC
Latin American Community Center, Inc. - Wilmington, DE
Latin American Research and Service Agency - Denver, CO
Latin American Youth Center - Washington, DC
Latino Community Development Agency - Oklahoma City, OK
Latino Economic Development Corporation - Washington, DC
Latino Family Services - Detroit, MI
Latino Leadership - Orlando, FL
Latino Memphis, Inc. - Memphis, TN
Latinos for Education and Justice Organization - Calhoun, GA
Latinos United for Change and Advancement - Madison, WI
Law Offices of Navarro & Associates - Santa Ana, CA
Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care - Washington, DC
Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA) - Jackson & Biloxi, MS
Montebello Housing Development Corporation - Montebello, CA
Mujeres Latinas en Acción - Chicago, IL
NAF Multicultural Human Development Corporation - North Platte, NE
National Association of Latino Independent Producers - New York, NY
Near Northside Partners Council, Inc. - Fort Worth, TX
New Jersey Immigration Policy Network - Newark, NJ
Parent Institute for Quality Education - San Diego, CA
Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund - New York, NY
Repertorio Español - New York, NY
Rural Opportunities, Inc. - Rochester, NY
Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality - Salem, OR
San Diego County SER/Jobs for Progress, Inc. - Oceanside, CA
SEA MAR Community Health Centers - Seattle, WA
Servicios de La Raza, Inc. - Denver, CO
Siete del Norte CDC - Embudo, NM
Southern Poverty Law Center - Montgomery, AL
Southwest Key Program, Inc. - Austin, TX
Spanish Speaking Citizens’ Foundation - Oakland, CA
St. Matthew Immigration/Detention Committee - Baltimore, MD
Tejano Center for Community Concerns - Houston, TX
Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) - Nashville, TN
United Dubuque Immigrant Alliance (UN DIA) - Dubuque, IA
United Hispanic Americans, Inc. - Fort Wayne, IN
University of Wisconsin Latina/o Law Student Association - Madison, WI
Vecinos Unidos - Dallas, TX
Washington State Migrant Council - Sunnyside, WA
Watts/Century Latino Organization - Los Angeles, CA
Western Colorado Justice for Immigrants Committee - Grand Junction, CO

Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform - 05/07/07

Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a new group headed up by Jim Wallis, and they're wrong. In order to promote legalization for all as well as a "guest" worker program, they'll be conducting an ad campaign, letter writing effort, and most likely advocating from the pulpit.

Democrats debate features largely worthless immigration question - 04/26/07

In case you were wondering just how corrupt the MSM is, the following appears to be the only question at tonight's Democratic presidential debate that involved immigration matters. While the "defy" part is certainly a bit piquant, and it's certainly good to get the news that Hillary Clinton supports amnesty out there and from her own lips, the information the question would obtain could more easily be obtained from her website.

George W. Bush, Raul Grijalva support "comprehensive immigration reform" together - 04/26/07

Yesterday, Bush met with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, including former MEChA member Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), who says:

"As much as I malign the president, I thought he was receptive... He was engaged in the conversation, asked questions and continued to make a commitment to comprehensive reform... ...We support [the Flake-Gutierrez STRIVE Act] very strongly, and we support the fact that this has to get done this year."

No word is given on Bush's support for STRIVE, but it appears they were all on the same page when it comes to amnesty in general. Grijalva didn't show for Bush's recent border trip, but apparently that's long forgot.

The article also points out that Grijalva would prefer an even worse form of amnesty, and that he's caught between his own "pragmatism" and the wishes of extremists such as his close friend Isabel Garcia. Her group, the Mexico-linked Derechos Humanos, supports Grijalva.

Rev. John Fife is dangerously wrong (sanctuary movement) - 04/23/07

From this Amy Goodman/Democracy Now! show:
[Reverend John Fife, the founder of the Sanctuary Movement of the 1980s] was the minister of Tucson's Southside Presbyterian Church for 35 years. The church was the first to offer sanctuary to undocumented immigrants from El Salvador in 1981. That launched a movement that eventually provided safe haven to thousands of Central Americans in over 500 churches and synagogues nationwide. The government infiltrated his group to gather evidence on the movement. In 1986, Fife was among eight activists convicted on various alien-smuggling charges. He served five years' probation. In 2002, he helped to form the Samaritan Patrol, now part of No More Deaths.

...REV. JOHN FIFE: The movement continues in another human rights crisis on the border. This time the government has instituted a border enforcement policy -- walls and militarization and National Guard units -- that literally uses death and death in the desert of migrants as a deterrent, as a deterrent to other people trying to cross. That's a gross violation of human rights, this policy, this strategy of deterrence by death. And to resist that, we formed No More Deaths, that puts volunteers out in the desert to try to save as many lives as we can... ...We're seeing increased militarization, increased repression and, as a result, increased death and suffering on the border of some of the poorest and most desperate people who only come, want to come work and support their families, feed their children. This is criminal...
I would be somewhat surprised to learn that there's some sort of international law saying that countries don't have a right to have borders and to take advantage of natural protections. Should the EU be required to provide a ferry service from North Africa? Was the Great Wall of China a human rights violation against the Mongols?

And, of course, the more "militarization", the fewer deaths: if illegal aliens knew there was no chance they could get in, none would bother trying to cross the desert. Fife should be working for more militarization and a 50' wall, if he really wants what he pretends to want. "No More Deaths" and others who constantly seek to subvert our immigration laws are partly responsible for the deaths that occur.

He goes on to promote "[c]omprehensive immigration reform legislation" and in general sounds like a cheap labor pimp, saying that "migration" is a "blessing and a privilege" and promoting remittances.

We're also informed that two volunteers with his organization (Daniel Strauss and Shanti Sellz) received the "Archbishop Romero Human Rights Prize" at the Rothko Chapel in Houston on Sunday.

Latest "compromise" amnesty bill scam from Dems, GOP (late Apr. 2007) - 04/23/07

The latest attempt at coming up with a "comprehensive immigration reform" bill (aka amnesty) is sold to us by Julie Hirschfeld Davis of the AP.
An intense round of closed-door talks among Cabinet officials and Senate Republicans and Democrats has reached a critical bargaining stage, congressional officials and lobbyists said. Senior lawmakers from opposite sides of the spectrum a

Dr. Richard Land plays Bush-style word games with "amnesty" - 04/19/07

Dr. Richard Land - president of the Southern Baptist Convention - recently came out in support of some vague form of "comprehensive immigration reform". Now, he feels the need to clarify his remarks.

Talk radio hosts, listeners head to DC to oppose amnesty - 04/16/07

From this:
More than 30 talk radio hosts and hundreds of their listeners are scheduled to converge on the nation's capital next week to lobby against comprehensive immigration reform measures that would offer what critics views as "amnesty" to illegal immigrants.

The conservative Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and San Diego radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock are sponsoring a marathon of talk radio and Capitol Hill lobbying, dubbed "Hold Their

Goal: tie U.S. Attorneys firings to immigration (Dems hoist on own petard) - 04/16/07

I can't do everything, and I've completely failed to try to tie in the firings of several U.S. Attorneys to immigration matters. For instance, here's Phyllis Schlafly tying the firings into the Ramos/Compean case, suggesting the Bush should fire U.S.

Hillary Clinton picks National Council of La Raza's Raul Yzaguirre to co-chair - 04/12/07

Hillary Clinton has selected Raul Yzaguirre - former president of the National Council of La Raza ("The Race") - as the co-chair of her presidential campaign. He'll head up her "outreach" to Hispanics. In actual fact, he'll help her even more strongly support illegal immigration, as Yzaguirre's history shows.

NCLR is a considered-mainstream group that has links to and funds extremists. Last year, Karl Rove spoke at their convention.

Yzaguirre says:

"Hillary Clinton has spent more than three decades advocating on behalf of those who are invisible in America... Not only is she the most experienced and qualified candidate to be president, Senator Clinton has the ability to bring people together to get results and move this country forward."

In 2001 he was named to Sears' board of directors, and he also supported legalization for all illegal aliens:

"Whatever law will be passed must apply to everyone equally... I think we're talking millions, otherwise I don't think we have something we would be interested in."


In 2001, the National Council of La Raza, conducted focus groups to see what the (American) public thought of the word "amnesty." Raul Yzaguirre, president of the group at the time, told the Dallas Morning News that as a result of the focus groups he advised Mexican President Vicente Fox never to use the word, instead referring to "regularization" or "legalization." Other euphemisms that have been developed are "normalization," "permanence," "earned adjustment," and "phased-in access to earned regularization."


In March [2004], First Data/Western Union set up a $10 million "Empowerment Fund" to be used for Latino and pro-immigration causes. Raul Yzaguirre, president of the National Council of La Raza ("The Race"); Sal Gomez, Chairman the Denver Hispanic Chamber Gomez; and Robert de Posada, President of the Latino Coalition, were appointed by First Data to the Fund's Advisory Board. The Empowerment Fund is separate and in addition to charitable donations totaling about $5.5 million that First Data made as part of settlements of the class-action lawsuits.

In this interesting 2001 Crossfire show he took umbrage at calling illegal aliens "illegal", sounded like a cheap labor pimp, refused to answer a question about what Mexico would do if millions tried to come across their southern border, and on and on.

He spoke out against the 2004 Temecula raids:

Last month, La Raza President Raul Yzaguirre called on the Bush administration to order an end to the Border Patrol's arrest of illegals in several inland Southern California communities, saying sweeps by a 12-member task force were "a clear assault on civil rights in an area with a sizable Latino population."

In 2005 he was named "part-time presidential professor of practice in community development and civil rights" in the Arizona State University College of Public Programs.

In 2003 the NCLR sued the Justice Department:

[The National Council of La Raza and others] allege that the Justice Department and the FBI have unlawfully entered information on civil immigration violations into a federal criminal database, the National Crime Information Center, which state and local police access millions of times each day to probe the background of everyone from individuals suspected of crimes to people caught violating traffic regulations... "Co-opting state and local police to make immigration arrests undermines public safety and encourages racial profiling," said Raul Yzaguirre, president of the National Council of La Raza.

From March of this year we learn that in addition to Yzaguirre, Hillary has hired Jose Villarreal, "a former aide to Bill Clinton and a fundraiser for John Kerry in 2004".

In 2004 he appeared at a demonstration in support of the anti-American DREAM Act.

From 2004's "Democrats' Forked Tongue on Health Care, National Security" discussing

...The Republicans' sweep to victory in the presidential and congressional elections on November 2, creates an opportunity to repeal Clinton-era Executive Order 13166, which declared that all recipients of federal funds must provide translation services into any language anyone speaks at any time... Bush Administration appointee, Assistant Atty. Gen. Alex Acosta, has continued Clinton's language policy. Raul Yzaguirre, president of the National Council of La Raza has said that Acosta "played a pivotal role" in the continued enforcement of E.O. 13166.

UPDATE: Here's an article with a little more on him.

Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform ready to push amnesty
The NCLR endorsed the Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007 (Barack Obama)
Alliance for Immigration Reform 2007

Bush drones on in Yuma, promotes "comprehensive immigration reform" - 04/09/07

bush yuma border drone

No fence pics yet. Developing...

UPDATE: ICBITN ("I Can't Believe I Took Notes"). As expected, this was Immigration Speech #5, with the 5-D variant. There is absolutely nothing in what he said that was either a) new, or b) answered his critics.

Bush border buggy back Monday in Yuma (fence photo op) - 04/08/07

bush visits border patrol yuma arizona dune buggy

In May of last year, America's beloved president (George W. Bush) visited Yuma in Arizona to announce "Operation Jump Start", whereby National Guard troops would assist the Border Patrol with their mission. The photo above comes straight out of his scrapbook of his fun vacation.

Los Angeles: thousands march for illegal immigration, literally demanding "amnesty" - 04/08/07

Peter Prengaman of the Associated Press offers this about a rally which thousands of illegal immigration supporters held in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, April 7. According to one audio recording I heard, someone led the crowd in a chant of "What do we want?

Sojourners/Jim Wallis promoting massive amnesty to Congress - 04/07/07

Continuing the age old debate about whether someone is a crook or an idiot, Jim Wallis' Sojourners organization is sending out an email to their mailing list urging people to contact Congress in support of a massive illegal alien amnesty. A purported copy is here:

Wallis has a blog at, and I urge everyone to leave comments there designed to help his parishioners understand all the ways he's wrong. Here are excerpts from the email; note that the language used is like a patchwork quilt of speeches from president Bush, Howard Dean and others.
With Congress on the verge of rewriting our nation's immigration laws, too many of the loudest voices on the issue are politicians and pundits who seek to scapegoat immigrant workers, falsely blaming them for many of our nation's social and economic problems.

As Christians called by scripture to welcome and care for the strangers among us, we must seize this moment and raise our voices in a debate that is too often tainted by prejudice and fear.

Tell your representative to fix our broken immigration system with reform that is fair and compassionate.

...Specifically, we must demand that any immigration legislation includes:

Border enforcement and protection initiatives that are consistent with humanitarian values;

Reforms in our family-based immigration system that help to safely reunite separated families;

An opportunity for all immigrant workers and their families already in the U.S. to come out of the shadows to pursue an earned legal status, leading up to citizenship; and

A viable guest worker program that creates avenues for workers and their families to enter our country and work in a safe, legal, and orderly manner.

...With so many immigrant families living in poverty, we must acknowledge that discussion of immigration cannot be separated from our understanding of poverty - and is thus central to achieving the vision for overcoming poverty found in Sojourners/Call to Renewal's Covenant for a New America.

UPDATE: Jim Wallis is also involved with the Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Reverend Stephen P. Bouman: globalist, illegal immigration supporter - 04/02/07

From this:
Several synod bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) urged their members of Congress and key congressional staff March 22 to enact comprehensive immigration reform in 2007 that is "humane and for the common good."

...Key components that the bishops believe help to fulfill these principles include: elimination of the family visa backlogs; fair and humane enforcement provisions and the elimination of the unnecessary detention of families and children; earned legalization of the n

ACLU, LULAC, ACORN, SVREP endorsed Dallas April 1 illegal immigration march - 04/02/07

On Sunday, April 1, the "Rally for the New American Family" was held in Dallas to support "comprehensive immigration reform", aka a massive amnesty for illegal aliens. Last year's event (the one where George P. Bush was scheduled to speak) had as many as 500,000 illegal aliens and their supporters marching through that city's streets; this year it might have been as little as 1% or less of that amount.

The national ACLU and other questionable organizations endorsed the march, and one of the speakers was dual citizen, Mexican partisan, and former Vicente Fox cabinet member Juan Hernandez.

The site is home of the march organizers, the Mega March Coalition 2007. The link has a list of endorsers taken from one of their files, and they include the League of United Latin American Citizens, the American Civil Liberties Union (not just a chapter, but the national ACLU), ACORN, the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, and various LULAC chapters. While the organizers stress their citizenship drives, the fact remains that what they're fighting for - immigration "reform" - is almost completely about the illegal variety thereof.

Now, let's turn to the hugely biased "Immigrants rally for rights, unity" by Dianne Solis and Stella M. Chavez. For some odd reason, they avoided including the LULAC affiliations of three persons they quoted:

* "[A]ctivist Elizabeth Villafranca" (also president of the Farmers Branch chapter)

* "Former state legislator Domingo Garcia" (also president of chapter 102)

* "Coty Rodriguez Anderson, a counselor at a Dallas high school" (also director of district III; see this article, which also mentions another speaker Casey Thomas of the local NAACP)

One of the speakers was "departing Catholic Bishop Charles Grahmann"; another was Juan Hernandez:

Juan Hernandez, who served in the administration of Mexico's former President Vicente Fox, urged those who were in the U.S. legally to become U.S. citizens and to register to vote. And then he urged the crowd to lobby, to make phone calls to federal lawmakers and to the White House. Holding his cellphone to the microphone, he called the White House and said, in Spanish, "I support immigration reform, Mr. Bush."

"Smiley" Jeff Flake, WFMOJALI Luis Gutierrez promote their amnesty - 04/01/07

Congressmen Jeff "Smiley" Flake and Luis "WFMOJALI" Gutierrez offer a one-two promotion of their illegal alien amnesty scheme.

First up is Gutierrez, delivering the Democratic Party's radio address (link) on Saturday. There's almost nothing there that isn't pure hot air, but, let's look at his promotion of illegal immigrants:

...Our bill deals directly with the undocumented who are living, working and contributing to a better, more dynamic America... it also creates a system that is fair and just and reflects the enormous contributions immigrants make every day...

Illegal aliens do make somewhat of a contribution, but in terms of the GDP it's quite small. In any case, should lawmakers be promoted such illegal work? Shouldn't they be stressing following our laws?

Today more than ever, immigration reform strikes at the very heart of what kind of nation we are - and what we strive to be.

I'm pretty sure we don't want Gutierrez' dream. Illegal immigration and the proposed "reform" represents a breakdown in our political system, as corrupt politicians desperately try to sell the American public on something that they soundly reject. Their bill also contains "hemispheric" provisions that may lead to a North American Union, a contra-Constitutional scheme that is by definition not what we are and want to be.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez also supports sovereignty... but apparently only for Puerto Rico. And, he spoke at some of the Chicago illegal immigration rallies, and even attended a planning meeting, one key organizer of which is a leader with Mexico's PRD Party. He is, in brief, a racial demagogue and a collaborationist.

Next up is Jeff "Smiley" Flake, speaking to his hometown constituents in "STRIVE can stanch flow of illegal immigrants". Although he doesn't realize it, he tells us one of the ways his scheme would fail:

...Aside from giving illegal aliens a shortcut to a green card, a major failure of the 1986 immigration-reform bill was its lack of a mechanism for new workers to enter the country legally, which made the bill outdated on the day it was signed into law. Repeating this mistake would put us back in the same position we're currently facing in a decade or two from now...

He's saying that without enough visas, we'll continue to have illegal immigration. So, what if there aren't enough under his scheme? Basically, in order to prevent illegal immigration, we'll have to increase the number of visas until they match the numbers of all the people who want to and are able to make it over the border. Perhaps in order to avoid what he calls a 1986-style failure, he should just set the number of visas at 5 million or more per year.

We require sufficient steps to ensure that foreign workers are filling only jobs that cannot be filled by domestic workers.

How very kind of him for giving us that.

Implementation of the new temporary-worker program would be conditioned on progress toward securing the border.

In the case of the bill, "progress" is defined by spending and even things such as having plans in place. It isn't defined by an actual reduction in the flow of illegal aliens.

We simply can't afford to continue the status quo. For those concerned about amnesty, I've got news: We're living it right now. Any proposal that is not comprehensive in nature will simply ensure that this amnesty - this lack of consequences for illegal activity - will continue long into the future.

That statement is, quite simply, blackmail. The government is supposed to enforce the laws on the books, and it is not. He's saying the only way the government will enforce the laws is if the laws are changed to suit them.

Illegal aliens don't fall from the skies. They're allowed into the country and allowed to stay here both through lax enforcement and through incentives, some of latter which have been offered by the Bush administration. Perhaps Flake would be willing to tell us exactly what he's done over the past six years to try to force the Bush administration to enforce our laws.

Secretary calls for reform - 03/31/07

Star Telegram/Patrick McGee/[[March 22, 2007]]/ link

Describes the same press conference as Commerce chief defends raids

The U.S. secretary of commerce (Carlos Gutierrez) joined forces with a group of Texas businessmen Wednesday to amplify their call for immigration reform that would bring more foreign workers to the U.S.