Are you a "Bush Conservative"?

"Bush Conservative" is the new, not-nearly-as-pejorative name for what is refered to in the literature as "Bushbotism". One of the chief symptoms of this affliction is a very strong ability to believe strongly in an idea despite massive contradictory evidence: Bush is a down-home Texas cowboy despite being a part of the Northeast liberal elite, Bush has secured or will secure the border despite millions of illegal aliens flooding over that same border, Bush is protecting us from terrorists while making it easier for them to infiltrate the U.S., Bush is a strong defender of the Constitution despite showing little regard for it, and on and on.

The Anchoress (who I still think is Ken Mehlman in drag) directs our attention to the Stratasphere's definition of the term, including this:

Bush Conservatives respect the immigrant worker in the sense we understand people need to make a life (not just a living). We do not want the broken current system to stay hostage to the "Fence Only" crowd. The illegal immigrant worker will pay a penalty in back taxes and lost time towards citizenship. That level of penalty is sufficient for the crime of missing paperwork. We respect those who are trying to do nothing more than raise a family. The Republicans can now have the mantle of harshness towards otherwise good people. They can focus on their vision of the few bad apples representing the entire immigrant population. They can ignore the more realistic, broader images that include aliens fighting for our country - the other immigrant worker. The only people who get my support will embrace Bush's comprehensive vision of workers who are registered, background checked, working in the open economy, and who must avoid criminal activities if they stay here. They will not become citizens immediately, and in fact will not be able to apply any time here as illegal aliens towards citizenship. They will become our neighbors working by our side, raising their children with ours. And like the good neighbors we are, we will reach out and help them assimiliate to our society. The Reps can be the party of rounding up aliens for deportation...

How heart-warming. And, if we were dealing with just a few thousand or even a few tens of thousands of people I might agree. Unfortunately, we're dealing with a massive movement of people from one country to ours. That quote trivializes everything involved in this issue, not taking into account things such as political power for the Mexican government, far-left groups, and racial demagogues to name just a few issues. Bush's "comprehensive vision" will be even more of a disaster than his other failed schemes, irreparably damaging the U.S. and encouraging millions more illegal aliens to come here.

Whether "Bush Conservatives" believe bunk like this or are just using it as a cover for making money or pushing other agendas is unclear. What is clear is that Bush and his supporters are on the other side, and the sooner a split, the better.


What people like the Anchoress fail to state is that there is no effective way to separate out the "good" illegal immigrants, decent people who only want to earn a living, blah, blah, and the "bad" illegals, who are gansters and drunk drivers.

The criminals are migrating here, too, just like in the Mariel boatlift--they know that the grass is indeed greener on the other side, in sanctuaries where the police are not allowed ask questions. As soon as ICE investigates one person and deports him for having a record, the ACLU and Maldef, et al., will file a civil rights lawsuit to stop the "discrimination."

According to the description you quoted, a "Bush conservative" rejects applying the rule of law when to protect law-abiding citizens.

"Somewhere between libertarian and a liberal" is still includes liberalism, both fiscally and socially.

Thus, according to The Anchoress, a Bush conservative is a liberal.

The Anchoress is following the example of President Bush himself in an attempt to render the term "conservative" meaningless by adding a modifier. President Bush used the term "compassionate conservative" to try to paint federal socialism as conservative, when in reality federal socialism is neither compassionate nor conservative.

bush and the demos are one and the same! ask why bush is helping mexico city to take over the south west? ask why the demos have helped bush to take the congress? its all about the death of the USA And the making of the north american union!

ask question fined out why!
we are not yet living with mexico and its evil laws, but understand if bush/gop/demos had the power to do it both parties would make you into a little slave.
the one world evil doers! hate freedom and the ideals of duty don't be the new jew fight back and live under freedom and laws and duty under the ideals of 1776. buy guns be free or dead.

What's of particular interest to me with these folks is that on day one they are railing against the evil hard left that is corrupting America. On day two they are extolling illegal immigrants.

Yet they are completely incapable or unwilling to entertain the notion of a connection between the two.

I have a couple of hundred photos from the gran marches et al I'd be happy to share! :)

I think that should be changed to "muzzle critics." Staffers are generally weak in the muscle department.

Peggy Noonan talks with GOP congressmen:
I am taken aback this week at the level of disenchantment with and dislike of the president and his men--not among Democrats, but among Republicans. On the Hill they no longer see the White House as talented and formidable. They see it as shuttered and second-rate. There are bitter anecdotes about the way the White House has rigged and controlled events, only to blame those who followed them when disaster ensues. There are more anecdotes about the president's refusal or inability to absorb information he emotionally resists: the senator who kept telling him the past year what trouble the party was in only to be ignored, the former congressman who pressed the point with the president and received a tongue lashing. There is increased criticism too of the habit of high White House staffers to muscle critics, silence dissent, force obedience.

"Sorry your not the base but the fringe."

You have any evidence to support that, slacker? Or are you just here to espouse the "Bush conservative" propaganda?

BTW, Jerome Corsi has a PhD from Harvard. I'd like to see what laurels you possess.

bush only means one world one third world for all. who is bush? why is he so hateful to all of this nation? why is bush now attacking our troops? why is bush back-away from the ideals of laws? why is he doing what he is doing? why is bush backing mexico city in all things? "ask why"

and ask who is bush really working for?

political ideals mean nothing in a world of evil doers. think world war two to win a war! and you know bush hates to win anything.

I think you are missing the overall point of the piece. Its not identifyed with a man but a viewpoint.

I have to say this but this supposed base is awefully disloyal or else has trouble with its memory. It seems that the some of the current leadership and people that folks are calling RINOs did its bidding on the Dubai Terminal lease deal and making sure that there as no immigration bill. Loyal COnservatives today rinos

I see you are concerned about other agendas. Well l sorry that the people that listen to every uttering of Jerome Corsi and Worldnutzdaly feel slighted. My god Mexican truck drivers on AMerican roads and a trade port in Kansas City. THe republic is falling apart.

Sorry your not the base but the fringe.