Los Angeles Times backs Richardson's opposition to border fence

The Los Angeles Times offers the unsigned editorial (perhaps written by Andres Martinez) "Off the fence", which discusses New Mexico governor Bill Richardson's immigration speech. They call it "thoughtful" and a "rebuke to Republican immigrant bashers". Obviously, that's muddled thinking, but that's what you expect from the LAT. BR's speech was in support of illegal immigration, not the legal variety. And, supporting our immigration laws isn't "bashing".


[The fence] would merely shift the strain on the system elsewhere and fail to address the 45% of illegal immigrants who enter legally but overstay their visas.

They willfully ignore the deterrent effect the fence would provide, and I don't think anyone has said that the fence will prevent visa overstays because, obvious to all except the LAT, those are two separate issues. Something else can be done about that, and, while the LAT doesn't understand this, both that and the fence can be used at the same time (see: walking, chewing gum).

After the obligatory Dobbs bashing (he's "CNN's millionaire working-class hero"), we're informed that BR has "unusual credibility on the issue" and:

It wasn't long ago that restrictionists were singing his praises for declaring a state of emergency along the border and calling in his state's National Guard to patrol it.

I can't speak for other "restrictionists", but my August 12, 2005 entry discussing his plan started out with the phrase "New Mexico's Bill Richardson is pro-open borders and pro-racial solidarity... making this report a bit interesting, but not really all that much."

Finally, the LAT hedges:

Certainly the governor isn't right about every one of his proposals, and how his speech will affect his presidential aspirations remains to be seen. But he couldn't be more timely in reminding his party that comprehensive immigration reform is no less urgent now that Democrats control Congress.

The Democrats should indeed pick up the banner and run with it. Then, they should give us a chance to discredit sources like BR and the LAT as they fail miserably.


"Well yes", what don't you guys understand about mexico and its people backing each other? and what don't you guys get about "soon all Americans meaning whites will be the enemies of mexico", and the third worlds people? hey its in front of you and most will not see it!..how sad.

THIS So called Government is in the hands of the evil doers and will be in your homes soon, so have fun in the last days of laws and the last days of life. but how can you have any-kind of house UnAmerican Activities Committee when IT'S run from mexico city?

Just look who maybe become president of the so called USA.

So true, as the readership declined once it became apparent that their editorial page was adverse to reading an english language newspaper; and the LAT is effectively advocating on behalf of its own death as a relevant source of information, in a very forthright fashion with its support for the reconquista candidate, BR.

Who is dividing this country anyway? The imposition of mexican citizens upon my city by virtue of some racial identity and belief system (la raza cosmica) and the support from government officials like Richardson, makes me believe we need to start the prosecution of the acts of treason henceforth.

Bill Richardson and the LA Times, they both need to swing from a gallows. They can express their wish for death upon american citizens with the destruction of what little fence has been legislated, but treason imputes a certain penalty for such speech, regardless of any first amendment issues.

Can we have another House UnAmerican Activities Committee please?

The only people who read the LA Times are the LA Times staff.