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Arnold: California not the Zinfandel State - 08/29/06

Sen. Carole Migden (D-Frisco) wanted to name Zinfandel as California's "historic wine". She originally wanted to name it "California's official wine", but we know that's actually those high-pitched sounds coming from the Legislature itself and anyway the wine industries bitched about it. In his gutsiest decision yet (apparently Maria took the leash off by accident or something), Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed her attempt.

Schwarzenegger, Perry, Napolitano, Richardson urge "comprehensive" immigration reform - 08/26/06

The four border governers (Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, Rick Perry of Texas, Janet Napolitano of A

CA Democrats shelve driver's licenses for illegal aliens - 08/18/06

The seventh year wasn't a charm for California state senator Gil Cedillo (D-MX), as the Democrat-controlled Assembly Appropriations Committee decided to shelve his latest attempt to give legal California driver's licenses to illegal aliens: Political insiders suggested the measure was perhaps too controversial for an election year.

Schwarzenegger: Supporting Prop. 187 was an error - 07/25/06

This site translates this La Opinion article about an (English-language) interview with California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger: It was an error to support Proposal 187, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted yesterday during a meeting with the editorial board of La Opinion.

Did Bob Mulholland proxies drive Maria Shriver out of Watsonville? - 07/23/06

Maria Shriver appeared at a fair in Watsonville, CA on Friday to promote California's capacious welfare state. After about an hour of pressing the flesh, she was shouted down by about a dozen Brown Berets. She shortly left the event on the advice of her security contingent, with the mayor following her to the airport to apologize for the welcome. Bob Mulholland - senior strategist for Phil Angelides, Arnold Schwarzenegger's opponent - has no comment.

Christine Gregoire sends feds bill for illegal alien incarcerations - 07/18/06

This is basically a publicity stunt and an attempt to wheedle more goodies from the feds, but nonetheless: Gov.

Gil Cedillo/SB 160: free community college for illegal aliens - 06/21/06

Gil Cedillo is a California state Senator who works tirelessly for his constituents, especially if they're citizens of Mexico who aren't here legally.

Vicente Fox to visit colonies, meet with Alta California legislators - 05/23/06

Vicente Fox of Mexico is starting a whirlwind tour of the U.S. today which will conclude on Friday. The apparent goal of the tour is to help immigration "reform". However, as with the illegal alien marches, he will end up helping the American side.

Mexico keeps foreign-born from working at thousands of jobs - 05/22/06

From this: If Arnold Schwarzenegger had migrated to Mexico instead of the United States, he couldn't be a governor. If Argentina native Sergio Villanueva, firefighter hero of the Sept. 11 attacks, had moved to Tecate instead of New York, he wouldn't have been allowed on the force. Even as Mexico presses the United States to grant unrestricted citizenship to millions of undocumented Mexican migrants, its officials at times calling U.S.

California State Senate supports foreign citizens marching in our streets - 04/27/06

In a shocking - but not surprising - move, the California State Senate has endorsed the May 1 illegal immigration boycott and march: SCR113. This isn't suprising considering that many California legislators frequently act more like their Mexican counterparts. It's only shocking that they would be so bold and that the resolution would be so utterly dishonest.

Chicago protests against ICE's show immigration raid - 04/21/06

Supporters of illegal immigration hastily convened a protest in front of DHS's office in Chicago to speak out against yesterday's once-in-a-blue-moon enforcement action. The report from CBS 2's Sylvia Gomez is here, and that from ABC 7's John Garcia is here.

Feinstein: opposes "guest" worker scheme; supports agriculture industry; wants to finess immigration "reform" - 03/01/06

Now that there's a title! California's taller, slightly not-as-dumb Senator Dianne Feinstein appears to have a bit of a nuanced position on immigration matters. She opposes the "guest" worker schemes she's seen so far: "I haven't seen a guest-worker program that I would vote for yet," she said.

First 5 California: bring back integrity! - 02/26/06

From this: Republican activists on Saturday increased their pressure on Gov.

California Democrat Gil Cedillo re-introduces driver's licenses for illegal aliens bill - 01/12/06

As surely as Winter follows Fall, Gil Cedillo has introduced SB 1160, which would give driver's licenses to those who are in California illegally. SB1160 is identical to last year's SB60. Schwarzenegger's press secretary says his opposition to this bill remains. Most of the illegal aliens who'd get licenses under this bill are of the same race as Cedillo, who's a former member of the racial separatist group MEChA.

Sen. Cedillo says, 'This is the year' - 12/30/05

California state Senator "One Bill Gil" Cedillo earns that nickname because each year he tries to pass a bill giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens. He thinks this year he'll finally get his anti-American wish. He bases that on Arnold's ballot measures failing, on the shakeup in Arnold's top ranks, and on this: Even in conservative districts, voters are becoming less extremist, as evidenced by the recent Orange County election of state Sen.

"How the liars won" - 11/11/05

KFI host John Ziegler had an editorial in yesterday's L.A. Times: The results of the special election, while largely expected, are truly remarkable for what they reveal about who we are as a state and the current nature of our political landscape. They are not just important because they may end up being Gov.

Phil Angelides for Governor, Part 3 (Arnold bad man edition) - 11/10/05

California Treasurer Phil Angelides has issued a statement on the 2005 Special Election. Most of it is one long series of anti-Arnold smears: he's turned his back on people, he considers almost everyone his enemy, etc. etc. He doesn't say exactly what he'd do differently, only offering a borderline-frothing set of vague promises to lift California to hitherto unseen heights.

L.A. Times buries news about anti-Arnold forum - 11/05/05

The Los Angeles Times offers "Gov.'s Effort to Engage Voters Stalls", which, buried down in the sixth paragraph, has this: A forum Thursday in Los Angeles at times resembled an anti-Schwarzenegger campaign rally. Democratic activists made their way into the audience that questioned the governor, contributing to the angry tone.

Yes on Proposition 76 - 11/05/05

The SDUT lays it on the line in "Beyond shameless. Ad attacks on Prop. 76 are utterly dishonest": ...This goes beyond semantic gymnastics to rancid deceit a

Yes on Proposition 77 - 11/05/05

If you've seen the commercials against Proposition 77, you've been lied to. Don't believe the lies: vote yes, it's the only way to reform Sacramento. See this: In the ocean of distortions that has become the campaign against Proposition 77, Senate leader Don Perata last week briefly became an island of truth.

Arnold Schwarzenegger TV questioners included three Democratic activists - 11/04/05

Last night Arnold Schwarzenegger was grilled in a televised appearance by a supposedly "demographically and politically balanced audience". However, the questioning was biased strongly against him, and this appearance is the latest in a long line of dirty tricks: at least three of those who questioned him were Democratic Party activists. The L.A.

True face of Democratic Party: union thugs attack woman at anti-Arnold rally - 10/28/05

Yesterday the anti-Arnold forces held a rally in downtown Los Angeles. It featured Antonio Villaraigosa, Fabian Nunez, and, in the crowd, lots of union members and one lone Arnold supporter. Read the report in "UNION THUGS attack Schwarzenegger supporter at Villarogosa rally in Los Angeles - VIDEO!!!".

Los Angeles Times endorses Proposition 75 - 10/18/05

In an official, editorial page endorsement, the LAT has thrown whatever weight it has left behind the same proposition that Arnold Schwarzenegger supports: "Their views, their dues": The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that union members cannot be forced to finance political activity, and Proposition 75 merely requires that public employee unions get written consent from their members before their dues and fees are used for political purposes.

Don't like the test results? Switch to Spanish. Thankfully, Arnold vetoes. - 10/10/05

Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed a bill that would allow high schools to administer No Child Left Behind-mandated tests in Spanish. Now, some of you out there might think that giving such tests in Spanish is a lunatic idea leading to language balkanization and the like. But, you probably aren't a Denise Ducheny (D-San Diego)-grade "liberal": "Forcing newly arrived students to test in English measures their language ability, not knowledge of school subjects...

Arnold Schwarzenegger vetos driver's licenses for illegal aliens - 10/07/05

Details here. Note that the title actually refers to them as "illegal" rather than implying it concerns "immigrants" as a whole. Now, here's a shocker: Gil Cedillo says he'll keep trying with his campaign to get legal U.S. ID cards into the hands of Mexican citizens.

Don't believe the California Teachers Association TV commercials - 10/07/05

Have you seen the TV commercial from the California Teachers Association that includes the following? "...Now his Prop. 74 allows a principal to fire a teacher without giving a reason or even a hearing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's firefighters photo-op: a set-up? - 10/06/05

"Firefighters say they were ordered to attend Schwarzenegger event" the headlines scream. Appearing at a fire in Burbank, Arnold's people did a photo op of him with those fighting the incident. Now, those with whom he posed say they were "ordered and forced" to take part in the photo-op. But, were they? Obviously, anyone who's seen the various anti-Arnold commercials know that these people are the lowest of the low. Is there the possibility that some of them didn't want to do it, but others did?

Phil Angelides for Governor, Part 2 (intellectual dishonesty) - 10/04/05

Dan Walters offers "Intellectual dishonesty reaches new low in Angelides debt report": [Phil] Angelides is the state's banker, and one would expect that he would feel at least some compunction about the integrity of official financial reports. But he's also the leading Democratic candidate for governor and has never been shy about using his official position to tout himself or causes to advance his political career, or to undermine rivals.

Reuters on Gilchrist; Campbell is actually pro-illegal immigration; Hoffenblum changes tone - 10/02/05

The Reuters article "Border activist a wild card in Calif. election" discusses the race in California's 48th District. Said "wild card" is Minuteman Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist, who's facing off against "moderate Republican" and state Assemblywoman Marilyn Brewer and the front-runner, former Republican state Sen. John Campbell. The dynamics of this race were previously discussed here. As for the article itself, it says: Campbell won the endorsement of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and has also taken a strong stance against illegal immigration -- coming out against Bush's...

Union thugs shout down teachers suing over union electioneering - 09/22/05

The National Right to Work Foundation has filed a lawsuit on behalf of six teachers and professors against the California Teachers Association. The suit concerns a $60 fee that the union is charging them in each of the next three years.

Arnold: Bush always welcome in California, but... - 09/21/05

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants George Bush to avoid fundraising in California until after the special election. I'm sure there's the matter of only so many donations to go around, but I'm sure that Arnold is also able to read polls.

Bill would prevent illegal aliens' cars from being impounded - 09/20/05

Our "American" legislators in Sacramento continue thinking up creative new ways to give rights to illegal aliens. Consider, for instance, a bill from Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, D-Fremont that's now sitting on Arnold Schwarzenegger's desk: The bill requires the police to return vehicles to their registered owners who present a valid registration and driver's license.

Arianna Huffington for Governor? No! - 09/18/05

I've heard some outlandish liberal ideas, but the idea of running Arianna Huffington against Arnold Schwarzenegger is insane. Arianna? The environmentalist? The one who's against good corporations that give jobs to Californians? No! Somehow, we conservative Arnold supporters must stop her from intruding on our dream. Perhaps we could get her to run for governor of some other state or something. To be frank, Arianna could really give Arnold a run for his money, and, frankly, she's the only candidate that I fear out of all the other alternatives.

Schwarzenegger supports levee repair, wants fed money - 09/16/05

Details here. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday joined Rep.

Schwarzenegger to run again; will he face the iPod candidate? - 09/15/05

The Los Angeles Dog Trainer-Enquirer-Times announces that "Schwarzenegger All But Declares Reelection Bid" and that fine paper has no doubt already prepared itself to act once again as little more than a mouthpiece for the Democratic candidate. ...Speaking at a special election campaign event in this Central Valley town near Fresno, Schwarzenegger was asked by an audience member if Californians would get "a chance to vote for you again." The g

A smear from Eugene Tong and Patricia Farrell Aidem of L.A. Daily News - 09/14/05

Recently a Canyon Country (L.A.) paramedic was killed by an illegal alien driver. According to the CHP: [The driver] is an illegal immigrant who has been arrested a dozen times and was deported once to Mexico. He has been convicted of four felonies, drug charges, thefts and a count of willful cruelty to a child, for which he served five days in jail... The Sep. 13 L.A.

Will illegal aliens get voting rights because of corrupt Republicans? - 09/10/05

The Santa Barbara News-Press article "Latinos feel let down by governor" by Melinda Burns contains the following quote from "Carmen Herrera, an organizer for PUEBLO, a Santa Barbara-based group that advocates on behalf of the poor": "The governor has always said he does not support immigrants, and he never misses an opportunity to remind us of that... I don't understand why. He, too, was an immigrant once. He has been through what many of us have been through. But he has forgotten...

CA Dems reject Arnold's choice for DMV head; what's it mean? - 09/09/05

The far-lefties in the California legislature have rejected Arnold Schwarzenegger's choice to be head of the DMV, Joan Borucki. Given their continued attempt to give California ID to citizens of Mexico and other countries, one wonders exactly what's going on here. Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, D-Oakland, said the nominee, Joan Borucki, had had a "very solid career

Gil Cedillo's driver's licenses for illegal aliens passes. Urge Arnold to veto it! - 09/06/05

Unfortunately, it appears that CA state Sen. Gil Cedillo's bill to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens has passed the Assembly, and will now go to Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is the original bill, SB-60, and the voting breakdown is here. Note that that vote took place on Friday, Sep. 2 in the morning. Despite that, the Sep.

Hugh Hewitt on CA's 48th district - 09/01/05

A favorite BushBot, Hugh Hewitt, has a column entitled "Kiss of Death" about the 48th District race in Orange County. It starts out like this: IN MAY OF THIS YEAR, John McCain teamed with Ted Kennedy to propose a new bill to "solve" the illegal immigration problem.