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Mexican business leaders feeling unwanted, unloved - 08/28/05

From "Mexican execs tell Nunez they feel rejected by state": Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez said Mexican business executives told him yesterday they feel "totally rejected" by California political leaders, a contrast to their warm relations with Texas officials. After a private meeting with a dozen business leaders here, the Los Angeles Democrat said executives regard the current wave of "anti-immigrant hysteria" in California as an affront to them... All togethe

Fabian Nunez, California Democrat, kisses up to Vicente Fox - 08/26/05

Fabian Nunez, Democrat and Speaker of the California Assembly visited Mexico yesterday to speak to his president Vicente Fox. The plan?

Mark Skeen: fighting fire with backing out of interview - 08/22/05

Mark Skeen is the executive vice president of the San Jose Fire Fighters Union.

Allan Hoffenblum: Arnold should emulate George Bush on immigration - 07/26/05

The OC Register offers us "Governor losing Hispanic support" (link), referring to California's own Arnold Schwarzenegger. It features Orange County GOP Hispanic outreach chief Manny Padilla and KCAL political commentator Allan Hoffenblum discussing where they think Arnold went wrong. As noted here in the past (link, link), Hoffenblum can be counted on to provide advice that's not just wrong, it's un-American as well: Hoffenblum points to President George W. Bush as something of a model for reaching out to Hispanics: high-level Hispanic appointments, a good relationship with Mexican President...

Schwarzenegger redistricting measure proposition 77: off the ballot - 07/21/05

A Superior Court judge has ordered Arnold Schwarzenegger's redistricting measure (Proposition 77) to be removed from the ballot.

"Good Reasons To Reject CAFTA" - 07/18/05

From Bill Graves, Oklahoma City lawyer and former state representative: Congress is debating the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), also known as son of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). America presumably benefits from "free" trade, and CAFTA allegedly will open up billions in trade between the United States and Central America.

AVWatch: Why are foreign leaders coming to Villaraigosa's inauguration? - 06/29/05

According to the L.A. Times ("Inauguration Is the Place for Politicians to Be Seen") and the L.A.

Non-biased groups propose California redistricting reform - 06/17/05

A coalition of groups - all of which are completely non-biased and are not left-wing groups by any stretch of the imagination - have proposed a "model bill" to serve as a replacement for the redistricting plan proposed by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Just how worthless is the Democratic Party? - 06/03/05

Worthless enough to try to pass a law forbidding Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's smoking tent. From the analysis of AB 616: Current law prohibits smoking within 20 feet of a main entrance or main exit of a state, county or city building. However, there is not a law governing outdoor areas, such as patios or courtyards within public buildings.

AVWatch: Villaraigosa's under-reported associations - 06/03/05

The last post ("The Trojan Horses of Sacramento") mentioned one Juan Jose Guiterrez ("JJG"), who has some association with America's favorite new mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa.

NYT goes to Idaho, discovers illegal immigration - 05/29/05

Monday's New York Times has a front page article about illegal immigration to Idaho and County Commissioner Robert Vasquez's attempts to do something about it: "A Battle Against Illegal Workers, With an Unlikely Driving Force". In what might be a first for the NYT, it's not a PIIPP, and the bleeding heart "liberalism" of Nina Bernstein is nowhere to be found. It does, however, approach this issue with the idea that being Hispanic implies that one must also support illegal immigration. If that's true, does that mean that all or most Hispanics don't respect our laws and put their race...

AVWatch: Mexico to play important role in Villaraigosa's policies - 05/28/05

Los Angeles mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa was interviewed by Mexico City's El Universal a few days ago, and: [he said] that Mexico will play an important role in shaping his policies... Furthermore: ...Villaraigosa stressed that as mayor he would look to improve relations with Mexico. "We are starting a new era.

Legislature pay raise: It's only a million and a half a year - 05/25/05

The California Legislature was recently given a pay raise by an independent commission. Before each of our 120 reps was getting $99,000 per year. In the future, they might get $110,880 per year. That works out to just $1.44 million, a mere drop in the bucket. Now, as for that $70 million that Gov.

A dozen or so "nurses" hold pathetic anti-Arnold protest in Chicago - 05/24/05

My title again! MSM report actually titled "Chicago Protesters Greet Gov. Schwarzenegger". Schwarzenegger was in the city to attend a private fundraiserevent at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, but several local nurses protested outside the facility...

"Immigrants rally against Schwarzenegger" - 05/24/05

The SB Sun family of newspapers reports on the anti-Arnold rally yesterday in which busloads of "immigrants" were brought to Sacramento to support illegal immigration. After the comments previously discussed and a few others of the same level demanding massive state benefits for all, we get this: Schwarzenegger spokesman Vince Sollitto said in an interview afterward that Schwarzenegger, as an immigrant from Austria, understands the

Should Bryan Barton sue San Francisco? - 05/24/05

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is voting on a resolution that would condemn Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for his support of the Minuteman Project. The resolution is in this PDF file.

Anti-Schwarzenegger, anti-Minuteman screed noted - 05/22/05

Domenico Maceri, an Italian immigrant and teacher of foreign languages at Allan Hancock College in Ventura County, offers us the charming guest editorial "Arnold plays politics with immigration".

AVWatch: no California border patrols - 05/19/05

Welcome to the first installment of Antonio Villaraigosa Watch, a feature that will highlight the thoughts of the new mayor of Los Angeles. Today's feature is "LA mayor-elect breaks with governor on civilian border patrols": Mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa said Thursday he opposes civilian volunteers patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border to discourage illegal immigration, putting him at odds with Gov.

Far-left churches oppose Schwarzenegger - 05/12/05

The Riverside Press-Enterprise informs us in "Churches target governor" that the California Council of Churches doesn't like Arnold's support of the Minuteman Project.

S.F. Chronicle endorses Arnold, Minutemen? - 05/08/05

I have trouble believing it, but I believe the S.F. Chronicle has tacitly endorsed both Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Minuteman Project. On Sunday they published "Gov. Vigilante: Just another white guy in a pickup truck" from Marxist UC Irvine professor and "intellectual" Mike Davis.

Did Agence France Press lie about Arnold Schwarzenegger? - 05/08/05

See if you can spot the bias in the AFP's "Boost US borders: Schwarzenegger": CALIFORNIA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who recently angered his state's Hispanic community with his views on illegal immigration, called on the US federal government to boost patrols along the US border with Mexico... [...quotes from Fox News Sunday...] ...Schwarzenegger, who emigrated from Austria in 1968, came under fire last month by praising the controversial "Minutemen..." ...Schwarzenegger had also drawn a stor

Did Pilar Marrero lie about Arnold Schwarzenegger? - 05/08/05

Pilar Marrero is a "political columnist and metropolitan editor for La Opinion newspaper in Los Angeles." The Pacific News Service printed a little screed from her entitled "Sagging Arnold Wants To Pump You Up With Diversionary Issue" which includes this: Borrowing a page from his adviser, former California governor Pete Wilson, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about "closing" the borders... [Speaking on KFI] Gov.

"Backdoor license plan" - 05/06/05

The L.A. Daily News reports on Gil Cedillo's latest attempts: SACRAMENTO -- Stymied in his efforts to allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses, Sen.

Daniel Weintraub's Sacramento cocoon - 05/03/05

You have to give CalInsider some slight credit. Unlike many other California newspaper columnists, he doesn't support open borders. However, he also doesn't like the Minuteman project. See "Governor misses the mark on illegal immigration": Schwarzenegger need not apologize for taking [illegal immigration] on.

This week in anti-Arnold lies - 05/02/05

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's comments about illegal immigration have sent the MSM into a frenzy of lies and misleading statements. I provide a long survey of the recent anti-Arnold articles here. Sources mentioned include: AP, LAT, NYT, SacBee, SDUT and the SF Chronical. On a hubristic side note, one will note that readers of this blog learned about Arnold's comments immediately after he made them, and hours before the AP and others (even includin

Schwarzenegger: KRCA should take down billboard; supports Minutemen - 04/28/05

In an interview on today's John & Ken show on KFI Los Angeles, CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that TV station KRCA should take down the billboard in which the "CA" of "Los Angeles CA" has been crossed out and replaced with the word "Mexico." He said that he understands why poor people from Mexico want to come here and that he welcomes business with Mexico. He blames the federal government for failing to secure the borders, not the illegal immigrants for wanting to come here.

Arnold gives far-lefties the faints - 04/19/05

LAT: SAN FRANCISCO - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday urged that the U.S. "close the borders" to combat illegal immigration, though an aide quickly clarified his comment, explaining that the governor merely wants the borders better policed. Schwarzenegger, taking questions at the Newspaper Assn. of America convention, described border security as a "lax situation" and urged tougher measures... The LAT ends with the relatively measured thoughts of CA state Sen. Gil Cedillo. Gil "one bill gil" Cedillo is the sponsor of innumerable bills to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens....

I think she's got "issues" - 02/21/05


9/11 hijacker used bypass code to obtain California [driver's] license - 02/06/05

[Cross-posted to the Command-Post and] SACRAMENTO -- The terrorist believed to have flown a hijacked airliner into the Pentagon on Sept.

Have you ever met a meth-addled backyard mechanic? - 01/27/05

"Yeah, dude, I'll turbocharge your Saturn for you, dude. $300, man, that's all. [...wait for the shuddering to stop...] I'm a little jittery because I've been up for the past five days trying to fix an electrical short in my Camaro... I think I got it figured out... I don't usually work on Saturns, dude, but it should work out OK.

Actors, writers and musicians want you to pay all the costs for their cheap labor - 01/24/05

"Actors, writers and musicians push for immigrant drivers licenses" (link): LOS ANGELES - Hollywood stars are joining the fight to get driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants in California with a new ad featuring a mock award for "Best Nanny."

Senator Boxer Offers Flood Relief Assistance - 01/20/05

Received via email: Dear Friend: Late December and early January brought record rain and snow to California. Sadly, 28 people lost their lives, and thousands more still suffer the consequences of the storm. I wrote to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger pledging my assistance in gaining federal assistance should the Governor ask for an emergency declaration.

The dangers of non-native born presidents - 01/19/05

From "Death penalty opponents demonstrate in Schwarzenegger's home country": Activists in California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's home country voiced their opposition to capital punishment outside the U.S.

But, they're good-hearted! - 12/26/04

Jill Stewart: Forgive me if I missed the media coverage of the international dustup between Democratic state Sen. Gloria Romero of Los Angeles and the Mexican government the other day. The media downplay stories they perceive as "blaming the victim," particularly on the hands-off topic of illegal immigration. Romero has gone against the tide before.

Arnold: somewhat misquoted by the AP - 12/23/04

Dan Walters has the scoop: ...This is what Schwarzenegger said in the transcript of the interview, which was conducted in English: "I think that right now the Republican Party is all the way from the right to the center. And the Democratic Party is all the way from the left to the center. And I like the Republican Party to cross that center line.

California Democrat's Magical World - 12/15/04

It's a magical world: Adding to the immigration debate, state Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero has scheduled a hearing Thursday in Los Angeles on the cost of holding illegal-immigrant convicts in state prisons and why the federal government isn't paying more. Romero, D-Los Angeles, estimated the state pays as much as $868 million a year to incarcerate up to 28,000 felons who are immigrants, including many who entered the country illegally... ...

A MEChista scorned - 12/12/04

"Bustamante lashes out at governor in speech": MONTEREY - Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante ripped into Gov.

"Driver's licenses: California should not ease rules for illegals" - 12/10/04

From a San Diego Union-Tribune editorial: At least some of the Sept. 11 terrorists, all Arabs, obtained illegal driver's licenses and used them to board airliners on that horrific day. Which is why the issue of granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants is a matter of pressing national security concern. Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, has led a long-running campaign to enact a bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain California driver's licenses freely.

"[CA] Latino caucus calls GOP ads racist" - 12/08/04

ZZZZZZzzzzzz: Accusing the Republican Party and business groups of stoking "anti-immigrant, anti-Latino" fervor, the Legislature's Democratic Latino Caucus on Tuesday urged Gov.

Just put on speed dial - 11/17/04

The L.A. Times continues to define the new normal. The article Governor, Mexico Far From a Good Fit contains many hidden assumptions that would be shocking if things in California - specifically California's liberaldom elite - were at least somewhat normal. For an example, let's examine this passage: Schwarzenegger seems to have damaged his relationship with Mexico by using the driver's license issue as a campaign theme last year, analysts said.