Union thugs shout down teachers suing over union electioneering

The National Right to Work Foundation has filed a lawsuit on behalf of six teachers and professors against the California Teachers Association. The suit concerns a $60 fee that the union is charging them in each of the next three years. That money is being used to mount the CTA's campaign against Arnold Schwarzenegger's Propositions 74, 75 and 76.

The NRWF held the press conference outside the union's office.

One hundred teachers and others succeeded in shouting them down and drowning out the press conference: screaming "Shame on you" over and over.

Sen. Tom McClintock, R-Thousand Oaks says:

"This is an example of the kind of intimidation, bullying and thuggery that our public school teachers are enduring (from the union) every day"

They're seeking class action status for the suit.


someone needs prison on this one. in fact the union top guys who just don't get it need prison, the fact is at one time unions understood that as long as the union worker's were happy it was ok to do some bad things, but now union boss's follow no rules and care nothing about the union people at all, so what is this called..A Red union just like in the old USSR.

You can't take money from people who don't make money, its not the government. but sadly that too is become the normal way of union\business\government, take, and take and give nothing back.