L.A. Times buries news about anti-Arnold forum

The Los Angeles Times offers "Gov.'s Effort to Engage Voters Stalls", which, buried down in the sixth paragraph, has this:

A forum Thursday in Los Angeles at times resembled an anti-Schwarzenegger campaign rally. Democratic activists made their way into the audience that questioned the governor, contributing to the angry tone. KNBC-TV later apologized for unwittingly admitting the activists.

It's quite a bit more than that, as you can read about in "Arnold Schwarzenegger TV questioners included three Democratic activists".

Here's your takeaway: you just can't trust the Los Angeles Times.


The L.A. Times may as well be called the Aztlan Times,the guys and girls that work at the L.A. Times hate our freedoms and love Mexico and Bin Laden which to me is the same thing!