Don't believe the California Teachers Association TV commercials

Have you seen the TV commercial from the California Teachers Association that includes the following?
"...Now his Prop. 74 allows a principal to fire a teacher without giving a reason or even a hearing. Prop 74, another bad Schwarzenegger idea that hurts our schools."
As you might expect from the CTA, there are some things wrong with that statement:
The teachers association said a technicality in the proposition's wording would let districts fire a teacher without a hearing, although chief attorney Beverly Tucker acknowledged teachers could still seek a hearing after their dismissal. Current law gives teachers 30 days to request the hearing before they are fired.

"When you get that notice, you are fired, but then you have a chance to appeal it," Tucker said. "That actually is a really important distinction, because that determines whether your pay and your medical benefits continue."

Proposition 74 does require two consecutive unsatisfactory performance evaluations before a teacher can be fired. Current law requires a district to document a history of poor performance.

Tucker acknowledged that a principal still would not be able to directly fire a teacher, but she said school boards routinely act on the recommendations of principals.

Todd Harris, a spokesman for Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team, said it's false to claim that teachers could be fired without a reason.

"The reason for termination is simple: It's because you have received two unsatisfactory job evaluations," he said. "So to suggest that you're fired for no reason is ridiculous."
You just can't trust the CTA or the other anti-Arnold groups.