Sen. Cedillo says, 'This is the year'

California state Senator "One Bill Gil" Cedillo earns that nickname because each year he tries to pass a bill giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens. He thinks this year he'll finally get his anti-American wish.

He bases that on Arnold's ballot measures failing, on the shakeup in Arnold's top ranks, and on this:

Even in conservative districts, voters are becoming less extremist, as evidenced by the recent Orange County election of state Sen. John Campbell, R-Irvine, over Jim Gilchrist to fill a vacant congressional seat, Cedillo said.

He must be living in a fantasy world. First, of course, enforcing our immigration laws is not "extremist". Cedillo's schemes to give rights to citizens of another country who are here illegally is what's extremist.

Second, while everyone else realizes just how strong the Gilchrist showing was, Cedillo thinks that's evidence that the public doesn't want our laws to be enforced.

As could be expected, they trot out someone from a race group to say this is about "public safety". It's actually about a racial power grab.

Most Californians are strongly opposed to what Cedillo wants, and I wonder what Democrats elsewhere think of him. Would it be unfair to make him the poster child of the modern Democratic Party? Can anyone say with a straight face that he represents American and not Mexican interests? Perhaps promoting him as a leading Democrat might be a way for the national Dems to rein in their extremist California wing.

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"Cedillo's schemes to give rights to citizens of another country who are here illegally is what's extremist."


Now to get another laugh going, return and read Parker's column again, especially the part I pulled out.

"Mexican interests"

I would wonder if it is limited to that; instead it probably includes Hispanics in general, since he's Hispanic.