Bill would prevent illegal aliens' cars from being impounded

Our "American" legislators in Sacramento continue thinking up creative new ways to give rights to illegal aliens. Consider, for instance, a bill from Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, D-Fremont that's now sitting on Arnold Schwarzenegger's desk:

The bill requires the police to return vehicles to their registered owners who present a valid registration and driver's license. So if police stop a joyriding teenager or an illegal immigrant who is borrowing a friend's car, they cannot impound the vehicle if the owner shows up with a valid license, as they can under current law.

Gil Cedillo and other supporters of driver's licenses for illegal aliens continue to attempt to insult people's intelligence by saying those bills are for public safety. Likewise:

"The bill is intended to address situations where basically the licensed owner is unfairly punished because of the actions of someone else, perhaps a minor child in the family, someone who steals a car or takes it for a joy ride," said Sam Delson, a Torrico aide. "The licensed owner under current law faces a severe penalty."

Arnold hasn't made his feelings clear, but we're informed that the following have asked him to veto it:

California Highway Patrol Commissioner M.L. Brown, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca; the San Fernando Valley Traffic Advisory Council; and San Fernando Police Chief Anthony Alba.

A similar bill from Cedillo is still pending in the legislature.