Chicago protests against ICE's show immigration raid

Supporters of illegal immigration hastily convened a protest in front of DHS's office in Chicago to speak out against yesterday's once-in-a-blue-moon enforcement action.

The report from CBS 2's Sylvia Gomez is here, and that from ABC 7's John Garcia is here. The former reported on the big Chicago march of 3/10, and she appears to have let her ethnicity interfere with whatever journalistic presumptions she might have. Garcia wasn't featured in that previous post, but he makes up for lost mentions here with his report.

In Gomez' report (video at the link) comes this:
"What he is doing is intimidating all the working class immigrants of the United States," said one activist.
Oddly, you need to watch the video to get the speaker's name: Omar Lopez. There's more information on him in a SunTimes article about the big Chicago protest ("Chicago 'Giant' put rest of country on notice"):
[The first meeting of March 10 organizers] was called by Arreola, 41, a high school custodian, official in an umbrella group of Michoacan clubs and an organizer in the Service Employees International Union Local 73. The other convener was Omar Lopez, 61, who runs a group that combats AIDS in the Latino community and serves on the Institute for Mexicans Abroad, an advisory council to Mexican President Vicente Fox.
Well, that's certainly an interesting link, no?

Let's say an American who's protesting immigration laws in France is on some advisory council reporting to president Bush. Wouldn't the French suspect he might be a proxy of the U.S. government?

Why didn't Gomez ask him about that in her report? Isn't it safe to assume that either she or her station have some sort of a conflict of some kind? Should anyone trust anything from her or that station?

But illegal immigrant advocates are calling this action and crackdown immoral and they are outraged. They are asking immigration officials to halt action until Congress comes up with its new laws because it might allow some immigrants to remain in the U.S.
Assuming America loses and those new laws are passed, what happens when millions of new illegal aliens come to the U.S. in an attempt to take part in future amnesties? Won't those same groups that protested these raids simply protest future raids? Shouldn't they just be honest and admit that they want open borders?

In addition to a member of an advisory council to the president of a foreign country, another group involved was the union "Unite Here!". (In an unrelated incident, someone wearing a t-shirt from that group reached down from the stage and grabbed the hat of the lady who was attacked by union thugs at an anti-Schwarzenegger rally in October.)


Hi I am one of the people that is outraged by what ICE is doing. I was wondering if anyone knew any number web-site that i can call/go on to report ICE. I would really appreciate it. Today my cousins store was invaded by ICE and they took about 3 immigrants from the store.

Lets all join together and beat ICE.

And here we go with the "families torn apart" sob stories.

Septeus7: Yes the big crackdown was a fraud and no one will be punished for breaking the law. You are right.
D Flinchum: "Loser pays" in lawsuits would be great. But you would have to take on such giants as the ACLU.

Perroazul: you are right the social security # verification system is in place but not mandatory. It should be.

If you want to see the reasons I think we are in this mess please stop by


Start with mandatory on-line verification of ss numbers of prospective employees by employers. The system is already in place. Then if they are caught hiring illegals the same tools used against drug traffickers should be used against them.

Even if - big if here - we were able to convince the vast majority of business interests to check ID, hire only legal workers, etc, we would still be facing the "civil rights" organizations, which could make the lives of those businessmen wanting to do the right thing a living hell by filing case after case after case of "civil rights violations".

Even if the businesses won 99% of them, they would still be out thousands of dollars. One solution would be to have a "loser pays" legal system (similar to the UK)under which a group or person who brings a lawsuit against another group or person and loses has to pay the winner's costs. This would slow down some of this but getting it passed would be tough.

They are already releasing the "immigrants." It just the catch and release game again. The 'democracy" and government is useless to stop the invasion.

Help the Minutemen build a private fence. A private fence and security patrol is the only answer. If we build it, they won't come.