Phil Angelides for Governor, Part 3 (Arnold bad man edition)

California Treasurer Phil Angelides has issued a statement on the 2005 Special Election.

Most of it is one long series of anti-Arnold smears: he's turned his back on people, he considers almost everyone his enemy, etc. etc.

He doesn't say exactly what he'd do differently, only offering a borderline-frothing set of vague promises to lift California to hitherto unseen heights. However, we can figure it out: tax, tax, spend, spend, give the unions even more power, tax, spend, give the unions even more power, tax, spend, repeat until bankruptcy.

At the end he says "And may the great debate begin." What does this guy think he is, in a stage play? The only problem is that given what proceeded that, no debate is planned: he intends to promise everyone everything while continuing the smears that the unions used to strike down Arnold's propositions.

But, despite the pathetic campaign Schwarzenegger ran for those props, I have trouble believing that even the most incompetent political strategist could not clean the floor with Angelides.

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"trouble believing"

Yeah but look who's in the White House.

This Rat Schwarzenegger is just one more tool for dismantling of this nation. read "SBI BIG LIE BY JUAN MANN.