Youtube joins with Anti Defamation League to stop "hate" videos ("Abuse and Safety Center")

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Back in December 2008, Youtube established the Orwellian-named "Abuse and Safety Center" (, an online tool that can be used to report threats, spam, and other forms of legitimate abuse. However, they also have a section dealing with "Hateful Content", and for that they've joined with the Anti Defamation League (

The major problem is that the ADL's definition of "hate" - at least in the immigration area - cannot be trusted. Like the SPLC, they attempt to hide their support for massive/illegal immigration behind calling their opponents "hate groups" and the like. And, as discussed at the link they can't even get their facts straight when doing it.

The second Youtube page links to "101 Ways to Combat Prejudice" (; the PDF containing those tips is part ripe for satire ("56. Ensure that musical selections of school bands and choruses are culturally diverse."), and part creepy as they suggest the formation of local groups that would enforce anti-"hate" rules and suggest "Contact[ing] ADL about monitoring hate activities on the Internet".

They also define terms such as "Heterosexism" and: Multicultural means many or multiple cultures. The United States is multicultural because its population consists of people from many different cultures. Needless to say, that disingenuous definition ignores the melting pot tradition.

And, that far-left, Gramscian point of view is now one that Youtube shares.


To the ADL questioning aspects of the holocaust story is hate speech. Unfortunately they've gotten authorities in several countries to agree with them, and you can go to prison in these countries for saying you don't think there were any gas chambers.