Youtube, Davos seeking user opinions, pet

Youtube and the World Economic Forum have teamed up as they did last year, seeking user-generated answers to four setup questions on ethics, politics, the environment, and the economy ( For instance, one of the super-tough questions comes from Christiane Amanpour, wanting to know whether Barack Obama will change the world in 2009. A handful say yes, a smaller number say no.

But, wait that's not all: the "winners" will have their videos played at the event in Davos, Switzerland. And, the top "winner" will be invited to the event itself. OMG!

Youtube and Davos are simply putting on a show and looking for a "pet" to represent the citizens. And, it's even worse than last year: this time, the WEF itself will select the winners, searching for "most thoughtful, compelling video". And, once there, you'll be expected to work for your trip: "you'll be able to post videos, meet attendees, and report your thoughts and findings back to YouTube." About the only way anything worthwhile would come out of that is if this guy could take them in.