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Washington, DC
100% #proLife. If you threaten my family or country, 100% pro #2ndAmendment & pro Constitution. #QAnon Follow Feisty & Friends:…
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#GOP now expected to win ONLY 48 Sen seats. Don't let @barackobama have a puppet b/c U didn't vote! @OrmanForSenate #TCOT @PatRoberts2014
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.@zypldot: winning more Sen seats won't stop Obama's amnesty. He'll have the last laugh unless you make the plan in my bio happen. Will u?
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10 reasons @MarcoRubio's amnesty isn't conservative: Please share. @MeganSmiles @zypldot @QuintonStevens #tcot
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RT @zypldot They call #TeaParty 'terrorists' - then setup FEMA camps for 'safety' // OK, how can I help? #tcot #ocra #TopProg #sgp #tpp
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From @24aheaddotcom_
#Teaparty to be interned in #FEMA camps? Patriots need to go Galt *now*! @zypldot #TopProg #GOP #tcot #sgp #tpp