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I'm Luis! \^-^/
Punta Cana / Santo Domingo, DO
far from being an interesting person
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From @wikileaks
POLL: A remarkable development in recent years is the political split between supporters of "freedom of the press"…
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From @Zerquix18
@wikileaks Can you please explain how can we have a Freedom of Press without Freedom of Speech? I'm confused about this poll
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From @wikileaks
@Zerquix18 In many countries journalists and media organizations have extra rights and in practice, in all countrie…
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From @dancow
@wikileaks @Zerquix18 Sure, but the press still seems more like a subset of speech/expression. As you've described…
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From @rallencole
@dancow @wikileaks @Zerquix18 Twitter censors speech all the time, but the press is still free. And in some cases…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Twitter gives verifieds special rights & everyone else can be censored. It's not just cons: they censor about as many libs as cons & all others, see the data at my top tweet. @dancow MT @rallencole Twitter censors speech all the time, but the press is still free