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Great news! Harvard freshman Ismail Ajjawi, who was denied entry to the U.S. because of a friend's social media pos…
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From @BradRubenstein
@zackwhittaker A decent result, at an utterly outrageous cost.
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.@BradRubenstein: Trump's horrific, but @zackwhittaker cheers Ajjawi case because he's paid to do it and/or because he knows not cheering it would be a CLM. Silicon Valley wants a constant supply of H1Bs etc to lower wages, despite the harm it does to U.S. & sending countries.
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@jilliancyork good luck with the book.
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.@zackwhittaker: the open source app in my pinned tweet shows how heavily Twitter censors all kinds of users: libs, cons, Target customers, Mike Trout fans... They heavily censor replies from libs to Trump officialsl. @jilliancyork refuses to help due to NHS Syndrome. Logical?