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Missouri, USA
Mom; wife; engineer; yadda yadda... I tidy my Tweet stream regularly--Tweets more than 3 months old are deleted.
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From @MarcEvanJackson
When the time comes, and it will... I play Jeff Mason. I play @jeffmason1.
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From @wysiwygit
@MarcEvanJackson @jeffmason1 Have you ever recorded any audible books? That would be divine. I'm not even sure I care what the book is...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@wysiwygit: watch the @MarcEvanJackson AT&T ad - or any of their ads - and reverse the races. Pretend Marc is black & those laughing at him are white. He & all the other whites in their ads play the Steppin Fetchit role. That wasn't good in the original & it isn't good now.