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Matt Wuerker
Washington DC
Matt Wuerker is the staff cartoonist and illustrator for POLITICO. He likes to cross hatch... a lot. Opinions are strictly my own and RT's are not endorsements
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From @CREWcrew
President Trump has mentioned or promoted his businesses 186 times in less than three years in office. And he’s no…
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From @JoSwindle
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Make that claim at Breitbart & you *might* realize Trump fans don't care. What not listen to smarter people who - unlike Crew & Wuerker - know how to undercut Trump? MT @JoSwindle [Onion-style Politico cartoon from @wuerker] MT @CREWcrew [Trump hypes his properties a lot]
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From @wuerker
Don't miss out on this week's Cartoon Carousel @politico.
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From @Gatortrapper
@wuerker @politico what followed the Ides of March... years of brutal civil war... let it begin so we can string RINO's up as examples
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From @dobbinsal
@Gatortrapper @wuerker @politico yeah sure let's destroy anyone who disagrees with the ultra conservatives. Gimme a break.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dobbinsal: Gatortrapper blocked me for trying to get him to truly oppose amnesty, not just posture. What's ironic is he's the RINO. #tcot