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Free WordPress help for website owners. We help when hosting support can't or won't. DM for faster reply. Powered by @ProjectArmy #wordpress #blogging #hosting
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From @DreamInLace
Given the Pipdig situation, I installed a new design but cannot for the life of me get @disqus to work. When I swit…
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From @wpmedic
@DreamInLace @disqus Did you install Disqus plugin? Most likely previous theme had Disqus built-in, and new theme d…
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From @DreamInLace
@wpmedic @disqus Thank you for responding! I was literally pulling my hair out. I was able to touch base with the t…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DreamInLace: @disqus used to be an honest broker: they only removed actual spam but left the censorship (if any) up to site owners. I had them on my sites & recommended them to clients. Now they've gotten into the censorship business & I'd never use or recommend them.