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William Agush
Wellesley, MA
Later-In-Life Startup Entrepreneur (65) Shuttersong and Adsonica. First venture in 1974 - networked QC for film labs (pre-Internet). Profiled in FT 8/20/14.
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.@williamagush: when @EricLiptonNYT won't really press officials on specific deliverables, help me destroy his career as a message to the others. I'll put up sites about him, SEO him, & talk him down to his fans (as I'm doing now). Force him to finally do his job.
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From @EricLiptonNYT
This is really shocking. We live in a nation of such wealth. And we have effectively run out of such a basic protec…
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From @GBrianSJackson
@EricLiptonNYT Maybe I am wrong but I feel like the scope of this massive failure is not being adequately conveyed…
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From @williamagush
@EricLiptonNYT @CarolForden Events like this peel back the veneer of wealth and show how much wealth was drained aw…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@GBrianSJackson: NYT obsesses over "Chinese virus", they're part of the problem. @EricLiptonNYT has access to Trump officials, has he ever really pressed them on specific deliverables (X masks in Y days)? Stop enabling those like Lipton. Put his career on the line.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@williamagush: if you want to actually do something right now, realize @EricLiptonNYT isn't your pal. He could've easily pressed officials on specific deliverables (X ventilators in Y days) weeks ago but didn't. Put his career on the line. Demand he finally asks tough questions