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President Trump has made USA great again.
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From @randyNYT
Time for the annual Cinco de Mayo "not a big holiday in Mexico but bigger deal in US" reminder: #CincoDeMayo
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From @Red__Rover
I don't live in Denver anymore, but 05/05 there is for: * Hatred for whites. * Vandalism. * Peeing on stuff. @randyNYT @MarkSKrikorian
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From @whipple_marie
@Red__Rover @randyNYT @MarkSKrikorian Send them back to their country.
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From @Red__Rover
In Denver, you would get a ticket for expressing that sentiment. Denver is #Democrat-owned. @whipple_marie @randyNYT @MarkSKrikorian
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Red__Rover: on 12/1/14 & then 2/8/15 I suggested you help with a workable plan to stop amnesty. Which workable plan did you select?