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Peter Van Buren
New York
Author of HOOPER'S WAR: A Novel of WWII Japan, GHOSTS OF TOM JOAD, and WE MEANT WELL: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts + Minds of the Iraqi People
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.@WeMeantWell: you know the image of Mexico. Yet, their elites are very smart and can get away with things that should outrage. Like trying to do a census of MexAm troops in the U.S. military. They use us to take pressure off them & to bring in billions. Enabled by US elites.
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Unreported in the effort to execute Kushner is two of the countries supposedly talking about manipulating Kushner a…
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You'd think that, wouldn't you. I wouldn't. MT @WeMeantWell Unreported in the effort to execute Kushner is [alleged involvement of] US allies Mexico and Israel. Nobody out there interested in that? You'd think Israel proposing to blackmail Kushner would be big