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Walter Zaykowski
Austin, TX
Tweets are my own views, re-tweets are not always endorsements, Director at @ECPRAustin.
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From @Timodc
Barring a drastic change in the race, Bernie Sanders is going to be the presumptive Democratic nominee 11 days from…
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From @thewordsof_JDN
@Timodc Tim, if it is Bernie vs Trump, who will you vote for?
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From @WalterZaykowski
@Timodc Tim, you’re harshing my Friday.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
See my Trump posts. In 2015+ I accurately detailed how Trump's selling points would fail. If his fans knew he'd have dropped out like before. Did Miller do anything similar? What was his smartest plan? MT @thewordsof_JDN MT @Timodc [as advice for Bernie opponents]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@WalterZaykowski: the ban is a key Trump issue; showing it wasn't needed or endangered USA would undercut Trump to MAGA. Has @Timodc ever suggested similar? So, how can you trust his advice? (Now, Timmy = Chait)