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((( Vet Eric Manuel Ortiz ))) Says, please, Support a Disable Social Media Vetrepreneur to encourage success, inspiration, financial independence & empowerment.
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From @latimes
Sanberg’s anti-poverty prescription would include Medicare for All, which he said would spur entrepreneurialism by…
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From @VetrepreneurOne
@latimes @JosephNSanberg You must include a #GuaranteedLivableIncome [#GLI] or #UBI in your #AntiPoverty #Agenda, o…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@VetrepreneurOne: a #GuaranteedLivableIncome [#GLI] or #UBI won't do anyone any good if Big Biz is allowed to balloon the labor supply via mass legal/illegal #immigration. You can't fight supply & demand. Ask @JosephNSanberg how much he'd increase the labor supply by.