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anya van wagtendonk
Muskegon, MI
gov&biz reporter @MuskegonChron β€’ alum @NewsHour @newmarkjschool β€’ words @voxdotcom @POLITICOMag @washingtonpost etc β€’ tips, hiking recs to
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From @twiceanya
if you come for a pedant, you best not miss
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From @jason13075005
@twiceanya Pls keep up the garbage stories we love it
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From @24aheaddotcom_
What's hilarious is you'll never catch on how fake Trump's *plans* are, & she'll never catch on how she *helps* Trump. #idiocracy MT @twiceanya [#Vox blogger who obsesses over a Trump tan line pic!] MT @jason13075005 Pls keep up the garbage stories 😝 we love it
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From @CincinnatiBites
@twiceanya We're losing our health care; we're losing our social security; we're losing our planet to global warmin…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CincinnatiBites: take a look at my Trump posts. Since 2015 I've accurately detailed how Trump's signature issues would fail. #Vox pointing that out would've stopped him. Compare that to @twiceanya obsessing over *tan lines*, thereby helping Trump. She's part of the problem.