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Not A Hedgehog
Absolutely not a hedgehog, despite the rumors. Advocate for sustainable worm farming. Sometimes I doubt my own commitment to Sparkle Motion.
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From @adamcbest
Trump: “I’m offering temporary protections for DACA... Ann Coulter: *screams, head spins, 1,000 moths fly out of h…
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From @TopherGrey
@adamcbest Most of these I get, but Ann Coulter's reaction just sounds like a normal Saturday afternoon.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TopherGrey: either @adamcbest knows Trump's 3-year-plan would be as "temporary" as TPS & he's deceiving those like you, or he can't figure it out. Also, the Trump amnesty Adam supports would harm U.S. students/workers *and* foreign countries via braindrain.