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Beverly Hills, CA, CA
Dad. Social media enthusiast.focus group moderator. producer. Celebrity interviewer. Marketing Maven. Raconteur. Produced doc nominated for 2010 Donatello award
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RT @FoxNews: .@JessicaV_CIS: “The policies that @NancyPelosi supports like sanctuary policies and open immigration have all made it possibl…
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.@tonyblass: @JessicaV_CIS had Trump's ear. She could have easily given him smart arguments that would have undercut his pro-amnesty inclinations & undercut Pelosi etc. Look at reality: Trump's pro-amnesty & uses arguments that don't undercut amnesty. He just does shtick.
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.@tonyblass: you'll probably reflexively disagree. You've been trained to accept @JessicaV_CIS as an authority even though she's just a scammer who steals money. Rise above that: ask her to list the arguments she gave Trump that'd undercut Pelosi where it counts: to her base.