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Tom Hoffarth
Redondo Beach, CA
Neighbors say I'm Ray Barone, the never-working sprtswriter. Freelance at @latimes, @THR, @LBPost @AngelusNews & TheDrillLA on YTube
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From @shelbygrad
Why is foreign cyberattack on @latimes and other newspapers potentially so important? Going after US media suggests…
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@shelbygrad @tomhoffarth @latimes @AlpertReyes @tonybarboza @MegJamesLAT Let’s be honest: the attack was a one-shot…
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.@MikeHiserman: plus, why would Putin go after @shelbygrad & #LATimes? LAT has near zero influence, and the MSM has consistently helped Trump. It's incredibly easy for me to figure out how to undercut Trump, but MSM is completely lost. Why would Putin go after his helpers?