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Tom Hill
Blountville, TN
Employed at ETSU, customer service representative, work order clerk, time keeping.
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From @WhiteHouse
How broken is our immigration system? Our military bases may have to become temporary shelters while U.S. courts tr…
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From @Renae131
@WhiteHouse Trump was given funding to hire more people to process immigration applications. He has failed to fill…
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From @TomHill31672547
@WhiteHouse Yes he can and will, thanks POTUS continue to win
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From @j_seibyl
@TomHill31672547 @WhiteHouse What exactly are we winning? I’m asking respectfully.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
So, like Trump, Koch, U.S. Chamber, & WalMart, you want to increase the labor supply in order to lower wages? MT @Renae131 Trump was given funding to hire more people to process immigration applications...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@j_seibyl: those like @TomHill31672547 think the current GOP leader is a demigod until he's out of office (see GWB). Any gains those like him think they're getting from Trump either aren't gains or will go away when Trump's out of office. Also, "broken" is a pro-amnesty slogan.