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Pithy comments on analytics, machine learning, and stuff. I follow people, not brands. For more than 140 characters, read my blog at
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From @djpardis
Fast execution doesn’t matter when you’re moving in the wrong direction.
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From @thomaswdinsmore
@djpardis You don't know which direction is right until you move, which is why reinforcement learning is a thing.
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From @fhuszar
@thomaswdinsmore @djpardis You can sometimes make pretty informed predictions about what a good direction is withou…
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From @pavan_ky
@fhuszar @thomaswdinsmore @djpardis It isn't human intelligence that makes us bridges build without trial and error…
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From @fhuszar
@pavan_ky @thomaswdinsmore @djpardis Do you still think human intelligence is about a single individual?
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From @thomaswdinsmore
@fhuszar @pavan_ky @djpardis That’s a loaded question
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@thomaswdinsmore: FYI, @fhuszar & #Twitter think an all-EN New Wave song is in Romanian & consistently mis-ID tweet languages. They elevate vile GIFs showing Anderson Cooper humping David Hogg while heavily censoring on-topic replies to Trump officials. Is there machines lernin?