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Husband, father, 2nd Amendment supporter, owner of 2 rescue dogs
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From @AllenFrancesMD
Trump is a world class narcissist- not just for our time but for the ages. But that doesn't automatically qualify…
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From @TheRealMike_P
@AllenFrancesMD I’m pretty sure it’s unethical for a MD to comment publicly about someone mental health without eve…
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From @Skepticalsnake1
@TheRealMike_P @AllenFrancesMD Uh...he literally did the opposite. I'm guessing reading comprehension isn't your strong suit?
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From @TheRealMike_P
@Skepticalsnake1 @AllenFrancesMD I’m also guessing you didn’t hear or read his assertion that Trump is responsible…
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From @conazole
@TheRealMike_P @Skepticalsnake1 @AllenFrancesMD May, not "is". He indeed may. Climate change at its current pace is…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@conazole: if you & @AllenFrancesMD think it's that serious, then you're part of the problem because neither of you can figure out how to undercut Trump to his base. Trump! Putin & other leaders are smart & sane enough to get Trump to do what they want, you aren't.