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Jason Hopkins
Washington, DC
Georgia boy living in DC | Immigration reporter for The Daily Caller News Foundation | Contact via
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From @ShelbyTalcott
Every few years my dad likes to whip out this entirely metallic Christmas tree WITH a color wheel. TBD on this year…
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From @LouBrandeis
@ShelbyTalcott Retro danger! Merica'
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LouBrandeis: now, @ShelbyTalcott blogs about the Newsweek reporter who was fired for what appears to be a mistake of her editor. Even @thejasonhopkins of the same site undercuts her blog: "Kwong may be taking the fall for what is a poorly run business model".
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From @thejasonhopkins
GoFundMe Page Launched For Gillum Intern Who Assaulted College Republicans via @dailycaller
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Those like her have the ability to quash dissent & shape policy. All those like you can do is make lame arguments like "National *Socialist*". Those like you are no help against those like her. MT @thejasonhopkins GoFundMe Launched For Gillum Intern Who Assaulted College GOP