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New York, NY, USA
A Tumblr blog dedicated to identifying / promoting the hot unknown actresses and models in TV commercials. We are WITHAG.
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.@thathotadgirl: who is the #Otezla girl who comes out of the dressing room & does a spin in her dress? ispot is no help. #Austin
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"I demand @thathotadgirl find me the name of the #Otezla actress!" Leader Trump bellowed: #MAGA #resist
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.@thathotadgirl, iSpot, etc. are no help. It's like the #Otezla gal is spinning & saying "hey, look at me!" and I'm the only one watching.
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.@thathotadgirl: @DanielLarison and I want to know the name of actress at the start of this ad: #WITHAG #ows #gop