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Columbus, OH
blue blooded American directly descended from Francisco Mart穩n Pinz籀n. He disobeyed Columbus constantly. Just as i do with the Russian asset in the White House
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From @StateDept
.@statedeptspox provides an update on U.S. foreign assistance to the Northern Triangle countries of #ElSalvador,
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From @Tagteam36069674
@StateDept @statedeptspox do you really think protecting OUR border is anywhere near the top of their to do list? i
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From @marisa_mayorga
@StateDept @statedeptspox To address the problem at its source. What is the source of the immigration problem?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Two major factors are Big Business & Democratic Party leaders in the USA enabling illegal immigration. Ask Trump fans why he's not going after them. MT @marisa_mayorga [re State Dept pulling aid from Honduras etc] ...What is the source of the immigration problem?...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump can't think that far ahead, but vulture capitalists can. But, the big issue is that Trump's latest ban will be rolled back when he's out of office. MT @Tagteam36069674 [Trump's Honduras etc aid ban] its almost like he is intentionally trying to have those countries crumble