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Shannon Whitley
San Francisco, CA
Just a man, with a man's courage. Into programming computer apps for HR and PR/Marketing types. The API Guy™.
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From @angela_rye
I got 5 on it. Not the weed. I got 5 on the fact that there is not a SINGLE BLACK senior level staffer sitting in t…
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From @HealthInsDepot
@angela_rye Thirsty race hustler Cousin Angela at it again. You’re nothing more than a wanna be Maxine Waters. Give…
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From @swhitley
@HealthInsDepot @angela_rye Love how he threw in ‘hun’ for maximum knuckle drag.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@swhitley: I'm sure you can find Trump's Twitter archive, even if @angela_rye & the rest of #CNN don't have the integrity to do so. You'll find that Trump has called all kinds of people dogs. That's not good, but neither is Rye & CNN trying to deceive #TheResistance.