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Kush was also in meeting with last week’s Senate gang discussing wall/Dreamer type deal.
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.@susanferrechio: hey Sue, any worries about being swept away by Trump's amnesty? One day his fans might wake up & realize those like you & Kaus only enabled him & his pro-amnesty impulses. You can be easily replaced by those who'll actually do things to stop amnesty.
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.@susanferrechio: is stopping amnesty something you're personally interested in, or do you just chronicle what Obama does to the U.S.?
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From @SteveMTalk
@susanferrechio says #Obama executive order on #ImmigrationReform would hurt dems #tcot @washexaminer @dcexaminer
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.@SteveMTalk: realistic action plan to *stop* amnesty right now: Please help promote.