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Colorado, USA
Lover of humanity, decency,reason, accountability. Author.I follow to connect w critical thinkers. #JoeBiden2020
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From @vermontgmg
Anytime anyone mentions Donald Trump's "super-high" approval rating among GOP, you should also mention that fewer a…
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From @Susan_SJH
@vermontgmg And let us remember that that the Repub party is the minority— only 22% of the registered voters .
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Susan_SJH: about as many ID as GOP vs Dem. You want to undercut Trump, right? @vermontgmg just *helps* him via impeachment. Graff just isn't smart enough to do simple things that'd greatly undercut Trump to his base (over how his plans are vaporware). He does you no good.