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Democratic activists fighting for true campaign finance reform.
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RT @StopBigMoney: .@BernieSanders and @Ocasio2018 are headed to #KS03 for a rally with @BrentWelder! Brent’s the best choice for the famil…
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Ironically, #AbolishICE would bring in Big Money for the #Koch bros & U.S. Chamber. More #immigration = lower wages. Welder & Ocasio would greatly help them. MT @Snowcone965 MT @StopBigMoney: BernieSanders and Ocasio2018 are headed to #KS03 for a rally with @BrentWelder!
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.@StopBigMoney: you side w/ #Koch bros & USChamber on #immigration. Why should his fans listen to you? You also think we're a democracy.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
What are borders per you? MT @StopBigMoney Private prison gives $225K to Trump campaign. Pres Trump rewards them with $110 million contract