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Raised in Tempe. Graduate: Arizona State, HIS, 1989. Northern Arizona; M.ED, ENG, 1995. Lacrosse; Ph.D, Communication, 2006. Stringer, AZ. Republic 2001-08.
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@SteveSpracale No, I'm pretty sure that a certain level of freedom is granted to all citizens by the constitution! Like freedom of speech ;)
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@IvyZied Thanks for doing what the media should be doing. I love people who argue for free speech then get upset when someone exercises it.
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.@Davesgenius: so, you think the media should just rant cant at politicians? I think the media should ask them Socratic questions. #tcot #p2
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@SteveSpracale: contact top Bieber fans on twitter and get them to turn their hordes against Luis Gutierrez.