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Steve Goldstein
Fountain Hills, AZ
I deeply believe the world would be a far better place if everyone lived with a Golden Retriever
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The other side of the #NRABoycott
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@SalenaZito “Attacking the NRA is akin to attacking 30 percent of the country.” I think your math is bit off. 4 mi…
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@sparksjls @SalenaZito Approximately 30% if the country owns guns
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From @sparksjls
@SteveGoldstein1 @SalenaZito A much smaller share of gun owners are NRA members, which is not how I read that paragraph.
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.@sparksjls @SteveGoldstein1: FYI, Kellyanne Conway got paid by Zuckerberg to deceive about amnesty (that's like if Maddow got paid by Koch to oppose Obamacare). @SalenaZito covered it up for Kellyanne: listing her clients except not Zuck. Help point out she isn't a real journo.