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Beaumont, TX
Husband, Father, Attorney. RTs are not endorsements.#MAGA #CHRISTIAN #ProLife
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From @kayleighmcenany
"Priebus slams Never Trump movement, calls for GOP unity." Happy to hear this from the @RNC @Reince
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From @Starnes2David
@kayleighmcenany @RNC @Reince Finally!
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From @58163
@Starnes2David @kayleighmcenany @RNC @Reince The only way GOP will find unity is for #NeverTrump to succeed!! #tcot
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From @GretchenM38
@58163 @Starnes2David @kayleighmcenany @RNC @Reince Throw 55,000 lying ads at Cruz or Kaich and they'd be grease spots!
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From @58163
@GretchenM38 @Starnes2David @kayleighmcenany LOL. Trump has led the worst smear campaign in history, yet we are still alive! #NeverTrump
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@58163: a great way to stop Trump is Will you use your influence to help make that happen? #NeverTrump