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Stan Bowker
Longboat Key, FL
Retired lawyer. Bach and Wagner fan.
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From @jimgeraghty
Many big city mayors talk a good game about supporting public education and touting the quality of their city’s pub…
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From @jimgeraghty
You know which big city mayor actually had his child attend a public school? Bill de Blasio. Words you have never s…
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From @stan_bowker
@jimgeraghty Dante went to Brooklyn Tech which is one of the elite schools that you get into by taking the SHSAT (S…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@stan_bowker: De Blasio was incredibly easy to stop because his immigration policy is very pro-Big Biz and Big Bank. His base isn't. Can you direct me to even one (1) conservative leader pointing out *to his base* how pro-Big Biz/Big Bank he is?