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Sam Steyer
San Francisco, CA
Tom 2020 Campaign | Formerly Co-Founder & Head of Analytics @stationainc | California Native | He/him/his
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From @SSteyer41
There are many blessings of the campaign. Talking about my family and what they mean to me is a big one. Fun to ope…
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From @JohnJohn8675309
@SSteyer41 @BryanActive @TomSteyer Sam - You are welcome to borrow my kendo helmet the next time you speak under a canoe.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JohnJohn8675309: way back in 2015-16, I repeatedly posted how to undercut Trump to his base. Using that would've saved us from a Pres Trump. Either @SSteyer41 & his dad aren't smart enough to figure out the same thing, or they're corrupt & trying to profit from a Pres Trump.