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Sriram Krishnan
San Francisco
currently: investor . Ex: product lead @ Twitter/FB/Snap. writing 👉:
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From @vijaya
Just finished reading Bad Blood by @JohnCarreyrou about the massive fraud that was Theranos. This is a whole new le…
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From @sriramk
@vijaya @JohnCarreyrou That book was nuts. I usually assume I know everything from just the press coverage but the…
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From @miguelrios
@sriramk @vijaya @JohnCarreyrou Yeah. Pretty incredible. The intimidation tactics by their lawyers were scary.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@miguelrios @sriramk: ironic you & vijaya talk about Theranos engaging in unethical behavior when you lie to millions of users by ghosting them. Do you somehow think lying to millions is OK because you aren't taking money from them? Do your friends know you lie to millions?