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Senior Contributing Editor @RedState Contributing Writer @Rare Co-host of 'WTH Happened Last Week?' with @AndreaNRuth "Courage, dear heart."
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RT @SouthernKeeks: actually thought you would be getting one? Kind of like an extra seat on a Delta flight, it's not happening. ht…
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.@BNicholsLiberty @SouthernKeeks: I described in detail how all Trump's/Coulter's plans would fail miserably right after he announced them.
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.@BNicholsLiberty @SouthernKeeks: why didn't #TheResistance use that - starting in Aug 2015 - to undercut Trump to his base & thus stop him?
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.@BNicholsLiberty @SouthernKeeks: encourage #TheResistance to - 2 years later - finally do something smart. Help make my pinned tweet happen