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Soledad O'Brien
New York
CEO StarfishMedia. Host: @MatterofFacttv this weekend! Producer of many things including 4 kids. I ❤️wine and horses.
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.@joshdcaplan blogs "@soledadobrien Calls Out CNN’s Lack of Diversity After Attack on Trump WH" in which he wittingly or unwittingly (it's unclear when dealing with the dim) supports her sleazy bean-counting rather than opposing it. All to do pointless partisan shtick.
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#Fox is showing an O.J. special featuring the white/black/Latina (depending on the show) @soledadobrien aka Squeaky Not-So-Fromme. This better not preempt #FamilyGuy.
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The @soledadobrien anti-Trump tweets are hilarious, like watching MX midget wrestling. #MAGA #resist