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A geek in lawyer's clothing, cosplay aficionado, lover of great stories and games regardless of medium. she/her. Here for jokes. Let's geek out together.
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From @elainaplott
Security carts out a protester, who Trump says "has a serious weight problem." "Go home, start exercising." Trump…
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From @MaxKennerly
@elainaplott "Start exercising?" From the guy who refuses to exercise because he believes the human body works like…
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From @socialkosplay
@MaxKennerly @elainaplott I wonder what it feels like to achieve this level of psychological projection and then ju…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump is an adult (albeit a dim one) who acts like a child to rile up #TheResistance so #MAGA can drink their tears. You two just act like children. MT @socialkosplay [Trump smears a fan he thought was a protester for his weight & @MaxKennerly responds with Trump weight smear]