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Patrick Skinner
I’m where I’m supposed to be
this is the most intentional thing I’ll ever do. I’ve made my way from intel/CT work overseas to local cop in my home town. I’m a truly terrible twitter follow
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From @SkinnerPm
I don’t do politics nor do I ascribe actions of one to a group, but we have one of two major political parties in t…
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From @SkinnerPm
I spend my days literally in the right-side world of real life, where crime is obvious even for the criminals. The game is the game.
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From @SkinnerPm
Only in DC would white collar criminals justify statutory rape (fancy talk for real rape) as scripture. I arrested…
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From @SkinnerPm
All these breathless ‘good hearted red state voter’ articles never asked how they specifically had been hurt by cri…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SkinnerPm: what's it called when Big Biz donates to politicians and they respond by looking the other way on massive illegal activity? If you turned a blind eye to massive illegal activity, what would you be? #immigration #MAGA #resist